Borough of Folsom, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Folsom 9-3-1970 by Ord. No. 74; amended in its entirety at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I). Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]

§ 56-1 Establishment of Board.

A board which shall be known and designated as the "Board of Recreation Commissioners of the Borough of Folsom" be and the same is hereby established in the aforesaid Borough.

§ 56-2 Administration and supervision of parks and activities.

The Board of Recreation Commissioners shall have charge of and conduct all parks and open spaces for public rests and recreation which shall be located within the Borough and to which the Borough has acquired title, by conveyance, lease or condemnation, or may hereafter acquire title, and shall lay out and maintain the same in a manner which shall deem best to the Board under such rules and regulations as the Board may hereafter adopt. Such Board shall comprise the administrative and supervisory activities of said Borough in connection with the development, improvement and maintenance of all park facilities now or hereafter established and located within the boundaries within the said Borough.

§ 56-3 Membership; appointment; term; vacancies.

Said Board of Recreation Commissioners shall be composed of seven persons who shall be citizens and residents of the Borough of Folsom. Said members of said Board shall be appointed by the Mayor and Borough Council. The members of the Board first appointed shall hold office as follows: two for one year, two for two years, one for three years, one for four years and one for five years, and thereafter all appointments shall be made for the term of five years from the date or dates of their appointment and until their successors are appointed and qualified. Vacancies on said Board shall be filled for the unexpired term only.

§ 56-4 Compensation; officers.

The members of the Board of Recreation Commissioners shall serve without compensation, and they shall, annually, from their own number elect a President and Secretary.

§ 56-5 Meetings; adoption of rules and regulations.

Said Board shall meet regularly at least once each month in connection with the performance of their duties and for the consideration of the matters affecting public parks in the Borough of Folsom; they shall adopt rules and regulations for the purpose of facilitating the work of their Board and for the purpose of regulating the conduct of the meetings of said Board.

§ 56-6 Powers and duties.

Said Board shall from time to time formulate plans for the development and improvement of the public parklands now or hereafter owned by said Borough; shall propose methods or arrangements for the proper maintenance and care of such lands and the improvements thereon; shall formulate rules and regulations for the public use of such parklands and improvements; shall determine annually what sums may be necessary for the improvement, care and maintenance of the public parklands within the Borough of Folsom; and recommend to the Borough in writing the amounts necessary to be raised for said purpose; and the Borough shall not raise any money for park purposes either by the issuance of bonds or by taxation except upon and after recommendations by said Board. All recommendations of said Board involving the appropriation of moneys shall be submitted to the Borough prior to the introduction and formal consideration of the annual budget. The sum actually raised by the Borough in any year shall not in any case exceed the sum recommended by the Board, but the Borough may raise any lesser amounts.

§ 56-7 Expenditures.

Said Board shall have the full and complete authority and power exclusive of the Borough but within annual budget appropriations for parks to expend the moneys raised for park purposes, other than for the acquisition of land. All moneys so raised and expended for park purposes shall be paid out by the Borough Treasurer upon the warrant signed by the Mayor, Borough Clerk/Municipal Administrator and Borough Treasurer, bills having been previously approved by the Board of Recreation Commissioners and ordered paid by Borough Council.