Borough of Fort Lee, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Derived from Ch. IV, Sec. 4-2, of the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Fort Lee, 1978, adopted 3-1-1979. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Amusements — See Ch. 134.
Structures in right-of-way — See Ch. 360, Art. VI.
After the effective date of this chapter, no person shall cause any coin-operated machines for the dispensing of foods, beverages, newspapers or other goods or merchandise, except cigarettes and other tobacco products, or for the cleaning or laundering of clothes or other dry goods, to be installed, maintained or operated within the borough unless and until a valid license for the machine shall have been issued by the borough.
A license as aforesaid may be obtained solely by the owner of the machine, who shall make application therefor to the Borough Clerk. A separate application shall be filled out and signed in duplicate and shall state:
If the applicant is an individual, his name, address and date and place of birth.
If the applicant is a corporation, its name, principal place of business, state of incorporation, name and address of its registered agent in New Jersey, and the title of the person signing on behalf of the applicant.
Description of the machine to be covered by the license name of the manufacturer, serial number and precise description of the type or types of goods to be vended therein.
Exact proposed location of machine.
Upon receipt of each application, the Borough Clerk shall cause same to be forwarded to the Chief of Police, who shall investigate and report to the Borough Clerk as to whether the applicant is of good standing and moral character, and whether the machine, its wares or services, and its proposed location pose any hazard to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the borough or any of them. In the event the Chief of Police approves the application, the Borough Clerk shall thereupon cause a license to be issued, which license shall bear the information set forth in § 190-2. In the event the Chief of Police disapproves the application, no license shall be issued.
Upon the issuance of any license as required herein, the licensee shall pay the Tax Collector a fee for each licensed machine at the appropriate rate as set forth in this section, and as this section may hereafter be amended or supplemented.
Candy, gum, nut or food dispensing machine dispensing more than one variety: $5 per year.
Nonalcoholic beverage dispensing machine: $5 per year.
Laundry and dry-cleaning machines: $5 per machine per year.
Each license issued hereunder shall be valid until December 31 next following its issuance and shall thereupon expire; provided, however, that the license shall automatically be renewed upon payment to the Tax Collector, prior to December 31, of the annual license fee as set forth in § 190-4, and as that section may hereafter be amended and supplemented.
Each license issued hereunder shall be valid solely for the owner, location and machine for which it was issued and may not be transferred to any other person, location or machine. In the event of any such transfer, the owner of the machine shall, prior to such transfer, make application for a new license in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
Every license issued hereunder shall be posted permanently and conspicuously at the location of the machine licensed thereby.
Any license issued hereunder may be revoked by the Borough Clerk, upon notice and after hearing, and upon a finding that the licensed machine or its location or its method or manner of operation, or its failure to operate, or the nature or quality of the goods or services vended thereby, poses a hazard to the health, safety or welfare of the community, or operates as any species of fraud upon its users.
No coin-operated vending machine of any kind shall be placed, situated or located on any public sidewalk area in the borough.
The Police Department is hereby designated as the agency for the enforcement of the provisions hereof.