Borough of Fort Lee, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Required in buildings containing fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems or buildings where visual inspection for the presence of fire is obstructed or buildings of life hazard use or when, in the opinion of the Fire Official, there is a need for immediate access in the event of fire, a high security keyvault shall be installed whereby the Fire Department may gain access to a building without the use of force. Such keyvaults shall contain keys for entry and fire suppression and alarm systems.
Keyvaults shall be installed in the following location:
All high-rise (over four stories) buildings, both residential and commercial.
All multiple-dwelling buildings, which contain five units or more, and which include any common area between the individual units, and which common area is locked from the outside of the building.
All commercial buildings, two stories or higher.
All commercial structures which contain five or more individual separately located businesses, and which contain common area between such commercial units, and which is locked from the outside.
All keyvaults shall be located in a prominent and viewable location near the main entrance of the building.
All keyvaults, regardless of the manufacturer, shall be fitted with locks that are keyed to match the keys presently utilized by the Fire Department of the Borough of Fort Lee. The obligation to install appropriate locks in accordance with this Article IX shall be the responsibility of the owner of the building or its duly authorized representative.
All keyvaults must contain and be adequately marked with the following keys:
Boiler room key.
Utility room key.
Sprinkler/pump room key.
Alarm panel key.
Elevator room key.
Elevator service key.
All exterior door keys.
General storage room key.
All keys placed into the keyvaults shall be color coded, utilizing only the following specific colors:
Red for all fire alarms, fire suppression systems and fire fighter recall elevator keys.
Yellow for all utilities, gas, electric and generator rooms.
Green for mechanical rooms, storerooms and the like.
The only exception to this requirement shall be for master key systems, in which one master key is utilized for all of the above-mentioned systems, utilities and rooms.
The keyvault installed by the owner or owners of the building shall be of a proper size, sufficient to accommodate the amount of keys required for the building. It shall be the owner or owners responsibility to notify the Fire Prevention Bureau of any changes in keys or additional keys for the building which are placed in the keyvault.
The provisions of this Article IX shall be enforced in accordance with the provisions contained in Part 1 of this chapter of the Code of the Borough of Fort Lee and in accordance with relevant provisions of the Uniform Fire Code and the Uniform Fire Safety Act.[1]
Editor's Note: See N.J.S.A. 52:27D-192 et seq.
Violations of the provisions contained within this Article IX shall be governed by § 216-21 of Part 1 of this chapter of the Code of the Borough of Fort Lee.