Borough of Fort Lee, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Except as amended and supplemented by this chapter, the following zoning ordinances of the Borough of Fort Lee previously adopted and published shall be and they are hereby readopted as if set forth at length herein.
Date of
1. An ordinance superseding Ordinance No. 443 (Zoning Ordinance of the Borough of Fort Lee) and No. 1069 (Revised Zoning Ordinance of the Borough of Fort Lee) and as heretofore amended and supplemented, and to be known as "The 1974 Revised Zoning Ordinance of the Borough of Fort Lee," and enacting a new Zoning Map of the Borough of Fort Lee.
2. An ordinance supplementing Ordinance No. 74-1 (Revised Zoning Ordinance) and superseding Ordinance No. 118-H and prescribing certain regulations for the erection, maintenance, use, size and character of signs within the Borough of Fort Lee and its zone districts and fixing penalties for violations hereof.
3. An ordinance amending and supplementing Ordinance No. 74-1 (1974 Revised Zoning Ordinance of the Borough of Fort Lee).
4. An ordinance amending Ordinance No. 74-1 (1974 Revised Zoning Ordinance of the Borough of Fort Lee) and deleting the incorporation into said ordinance of the off-street parking and loading requirements set forth in the Site Plan Review Ordinance No. 73-22 of the Borough of Fort Lee.
5. An ordinance amending and supplementing Ordinance No. 74-1 (Revised Zoning Ordinance of the Borough of Fort Lee and Zoning Map in accordance therewith).
6. An ordinance amending Ordinance No. 74-1 as amended to provide that commercial uses be generally prohibited adjacent to certain streets within the Borough of Fort Lee.
This chapter shall be known and may be cited as "The 1979 Zoning Ordinance of the Borough of Fort Lee."
The intent of this chapter is to establish a precise and detailed plan for the use of land and buildings in the Borough of Fort Lee.
Such regulations are deemed necessary to achieve the following purposes:
To guide the appropriate use or development of all lands in the Borough in a manner which will promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare.
To secure safety from fire, flood, panic and other natural and man-made disasters.
To provide adequate light, air and open space.
To ensure the harmonious development of Fort Lee with the development and general welfare of its neighboring municipalities, the county and the state as a whole.
To promote the establishment of appropriate population densities and concentrations that will contribute to the well-being of persons, neighborhoods, communities and regions and preservation of the environment.
To provide sufficient space in appropriate locations for a variety of residential, recreational, commercial and industrial uses and open space, both public and private, according to their respective environmental requirements in order to meet the needs of all New Jersey citizens.
To encourage the location and design of transportation routes which will promote the free flow of traffic while discouraging location of such facilities and routes which result in congestion or blight.
To promote a desirable visual environment through creative development techniques and good civic design and arrangements.
To promote the conservation of open space and valuable natural resources and to prevent urban sprawl and degradation of the environment through improper use of land.
To encourage senior citizen community housing construction.
To encourage coordination of the various public and private procedures and activities shaping land development with a view of lessening the cost of such development and to the more efficient use of land.
Promote orderly development. To protect the character and maintain the stability of residential, business and industrial areas within the Borough and to promote the orderly and beneficial development of such areas.
Regulate intensity of use. To regulate the intensity of use of zoning lots and to determine the area of open spaces surrounding buildings necessary to provide adequate light and air, privacy and convenience of access to property and to protect the public health.
Regulate location of building and establish standards of development. To establish building lines and the location of buildings designed for residential, commercial, industrial, office and other uses within such lines and to fix reasonable standards to which buildings or structures shall conform.
Prohibit incompatible uses. To prohibit uses, buildings or structures which are incompatible with the character of development or the permitted uses within specified zoning districts.
Regulate alterations of existing buildings. To prevent such additions to and alterations or remodeling of existing buildings or structures as would not comply with the restrictions and limitations imposed hereunder.
Limit congestion in streets. To limit congestion in the public streets and so protect the public health, safety, convenience and the general welfare by providing for off-street parking of motor vehicles and for the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles.
Protect against hazards. To provide protection against fire, explosion, noxious fumes and other hazards in the interest of the public health, safety, comfort and the general welfare.
Conserve taxable value of land. To conserve the taxable value of land and buildings throughout the Borough.