Village of New Haven, MI
Macomb County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The regulations set forth in this chapter within each use district shall be subject to the exceptions detailed in the following sections.
Essential services, as defined in § 515-3, shall be permitted as authorized by law. Essential services are exempt from the provisions of this chapter, with the exception that there shall be full conformance with the following articles (where applicable for the proposed use or activity):
Article XVIII, General Provisions.
Article XX, Special Land Uses.
Article XXV, Administration and Enforcement.
The provisions of this chapter shall not be so construed as to interfere with the temporary use of any property as a voting place in connection with any local, state or federal election.
The height limits of this chapter shall not apply to the following:
Roof structures for the housing of elevators, stairways, tanks, ventilating fans and air conditioners or other similar equipment which is necessary or customarily incidental to the operation or maintenance of the building;
Fire or parapet walls;
Chimneys and smokestacks;
Steeples on places of worship;
Wireless signal receiving antennas for domestic use only; and
Similar structures or appurtenances necessary and customarily incidental to the permitted uses in the district in which they are located.
No structure or part of any structure listed above as an exception shall exceed by more than 15 feet the height limitation of the district in which it is located. In addition, no structure listed above as an exception shall have a total area greater than 25% of the roof area to which it is attached.
Legal nonconforming lots of record may be excepted from the minimum lot width and area requirements in accordance with the provisions in § 515-172.
An uncovered, unenclosed porch or deck may project into a required front or rear yard for a distance not to exceed 10 feet. This shall not be interpreted to include or permit fixed canopies.
Architectural features may extend or project into a required side, front or rear yard not more than four feet.