City of Watertown, NY
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 253-36 Permit required.

Each industrial user whose wastewater flow and/or wastewater strength is different from that of sanitary waste must obtain an industrial waste discharge permit before connecting to or discharging into the City sewer system. Each industrial user, as determined by the City Engineer, currently connected must obtain an industrial waste discharge permit within 180 days after the effective date of this Part 3. All significant industrial users shall obtain an industrial waste discharge permit before connecting to the City sewer system.

§ 253-37 Application; issuance of permit.

Industrial users required to obtain an industrial waste discharge permit shall complete and file with the Department an application in the form prescribed by the City Engineer.
The applicant may be required to submit the following information, which shall be prepared by a licensed engineer:
Name, address and location (if different from the address).
Name and phone number of the person to contact concerning industrial waste.
Average daily wastewater flow rates, including daily, monthly and seasonal variations, if any.
Wastewater constituents and characteristics of the sewage, industrial waste or other wastes discharged to the sewer system.
Time and duration of discharge.
Site plans, floor plans, mechanical and plumbing plans and details to show all sewers, sewer connections and appurtenances by size, location and elevation.
Description of activities, facilities and plant processes on the premises, including all materials processed and types of materials which are or could be discharged.
Each product produced by type, amount, process or processes and the rate of production.
Type and amount of raw materials processed.
Number and type of employees and hours of work.
Water consumption and uses.
Any other information as may be deemed by the City Engineer to be necessary to evaluate the permit application.
Completion of DEC industrial chemical survey.
The City Engineer will evaluate the data furnished by the user and may require additional information. After evaluation and approval of all the data required, the Department may issue an industrial waste discharge permit subject to the conditions and terms provided herein.

§ 253-38 Permit conditions.

Industrial waste discharge permits shall be expressly subject to all provisions of the rules and regulations and all other ordinances, regulations, charges and fees established by the City of Watertown. The conditions of the industrial waste discharge permit shall be uniformly enforced by the City Engineer in accordance with the rules and regulations and applicable state and federal regulations. The permits may contain the following:
Effluent limitations or other appropriate limitations when toxic substances are present in the user's wastewater discharge.
Specifications for monitoring programs which may include sample locations, frequency and method of sampling, number types and standards for analytical tests and reporting schedule.
Requirements for submission of reports for conditions of noncompliance.
Requirements for submission of technical reports or discharge reports.
Pretreatment requirements.
Requirements for the submission of information concerning the disposal of waste material separated from the authorized discharge.
Requirements for the installation of inspection and sampling manhole or structure.
Schedule of compliance allowing reasonable time to conform to the effluent limitations of this Part 3.
Limits on the average and maximum wastewater constituents, flow rates and time of discharge.
Requirements for maintaining plant records relating to wastewater discharge as specified by the Department and affording the Department the right to copy plant records which will be kept confidential.
The computation and requirement for payment of the industrial waste surcharge.
Other conditions as deemed appropriate by the Department to ensure compliance with this Part 3.

§ 253-39 Duration of permit; modification of terms and conditions; permit fee.

Industrial waste discharge permits shall be issued for a specified period of time not to exceed three years. A permit may be issued for a period less than one year or may be stated to expire on a specified date. If the permittee is not notified by the Department 30 days prior to the expiration of the permit, the permit shall be extended one additional year.
The terms and conditions of the permit may be subject to modification and change by the Department during the life of the permit as limitations or requirements as identified by §§ 253-29 and 253-30 are modified or changed. The permittee shall be informed of any proposed changes in his permit at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the change. Any changes or new conditions in the permit shall include a reasonable time schedule for compliance.
Permit fees will be annual and in addition to any other use or surcharge. The fee will be determined each year by the City Engineer. The basis of determination will be to distribute to all permitted users the cost of administering the industrial wastewater discharge permit program. The annual fee for said permit is $250. The annual permit period is from July 1 to June 30.
[Added 4-4-1994; amended 7-1-1996]

§ 253-40 Transfer of permit.

Industrial waste discharge permits are issued to a specific user for a specific operation. In the event of any change in ownership of the industrial facility, the permittee shall notify the new owner of the existence of the permit by letter, a copy of which shall be forwarded to the City Engineer. If the operations and processes are to remain the same, the permit will be effective for the new owner. A new industrial waste discharge permit must be issued to the new owner and facility if any other changes are made other than the control of ownership.

§ 253-41 Suspension, modification or revocation of permits.

Industrial waste discharge permits may be modified, suspended or revoked where the City Engineer finds, after a hearing held in conformance with the procedures set forth in Article XI:
A violation of any term of the permit or any order or determination of the City Engineer promulgated under the rules and regulations;
That the permit was obtained by misrepresentation or failure to disclose fully all relevant facts; or
A change in conditions or the existence of a condition which requires either a temporary or permanent reduction or elimination of the authorized discharge.