Ulster County, NY
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Ulster County Legislature 11-12-2008 by L.L. No. 10-2008. Amendments noted where applicable.]
This Administrative Code incorporates relevant provisions of the Ulster County Charter. Charter language is included in italics.
Article I Government of Ulster County

§ A1-1 Title.

§ A1-2 Purposes.

§ A1-3 Effect of local laws and other enactments.

§ A1-4 County status, powers and duties.

§ A1-5 Charter effect on state laws.

§ A1-6 Charter effect on local laws and resolutions.

§ A1-7 Amendment or revision of Charter.

§ A1-8 Definitions.

Article II Legislative Branch

§ A2-1 County Legislature.

§ A2-2 Members; term of office; election.

§ A2-3 Qualifications.

§ A2-4 Commission on Reapportionment (Redistricting).

§ A2-5 Powers and duties of Legislature.

§ A2-5.1 Audit Committee.

§ A2-6 Powers and Duties of Chairman.

§ A2-7 Submission of enactments for executive approval; veto and veto override.

§ A2-8 Local laws.

§ A2-9 Resolutions.

§ A2-10 Confirmation of appointments.

§ A2-11 Advisory committees, commissions and boards.

§ A2-12 Organizational meeting.

§ A2-13 Monthly and special meetings; notice.

§ A2-14 Clerk of the County Legislature.

§ A2-15 Counsel to Legislature; Minority Counsel.

§ A2-16 Filling membership vacancies.

Article III Executive Branch

§ A3-1 County Executive.

§ A3-2 Election and qualifications.

§ A3-3 Term of office.

§ A3-4 Powers and duties of County Executive.

§ A3-5 Appointment of department heads.

§ A3-6 Deputy County Executive(s).

§ A3-7 Advisory committees, commissions and boards.

§ A3-8 Acting County Executive.

§ A3-9 Removal of County Executive.

§ A3-10 Conflict of Interest.

§ A3-11 Seal of County Executive.

§ A3-12 Bond of County Executive.

Article IV Financial Procedures

§ A4-1 Fiscal year.

§ A4-2 Duties of County Executive.

§ A4-3 Departmental, agency, office or unit estimates.

§ A4-4 Submission of County budget.

§ A4-5 Budget message.

§ A4-6 Review of County budget and message.

§ A4-7 Public hearings on County budget.

§ A4-8 Adoption of County budget.

§ A4-9 Levy of taxes; inclusion of reserve for uncollected taxes.

§ A4-10 Budget modification after adoption.

Article V Department of Health

§ A5-1 Commissioner of Health or Public Health Director.

§ A5-2 Deputy Commissioner of Health or Deputy Public Health Director.

§ A5-3 Board of Health.

§ A5-4 Medical Examiner.

Article VI Department of Mental Health

§ A6-1 Commissioner of Mental Health.

§ A6-2 Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health.

§ A6-3 Community Services Board.

Article VII Department of Planning

§ A7-1 Appointment of Director of Planning.

§ A7-2 Powers and duties of Planning Board and Director.

§ A7-3 Additional duties of Director of Planning.

§ A7-4 Deputy Director of Planning.

§ A7-5 County Planning Board.

§ A7-6 Additional powers and duties of Planning Board.

§ A7-7 Review and approval over land use.

§ A7-8 Comprehensive Plan and annual planning program.

Article VIII Department of Finance

§ A8-1 Commissioner of Finance.

§ A8-2 Transition.

§ A8-3 Deputy Commissioner of Finance.

§ A8-4 Acting Commissioner of Finance.

§ A8-5 Conflict of Interest.

§ A8-6 Bond of Commissioner of Finance.

§ A8-7 Seal of Commissioner of Finance.

Article IX Comptroller

§ A9-1 Election; term; qualifications.

§ A9-2 Powers and duties.

§ A9-3 Deputy Comptrollers and staff.

§ A9-4 Acting Comptroller.

§ A9-5 Vacancy.

§ A9-6 Bond of Comptroller.

Article X Department of Personnel

§ A10-1 Personnel Director.

§ A10-2 Deputy Personnel Director.

Article XI Department of Social Services

§ A11-1 Commissioner of Social Services.

§ A11-2 Deputy Commissioner of Social Services.

§ A11-3 Bond of Commissioner of Social Services.

Article XII Department of Public Works

§ A12-1 Commissioner of Public Works.

§ A12-2 Deputy Commissioner of Public Works.

§ A12-3 Acting Commissioner of Public Works.

§ A12-4 Engineering Division.

§ A12-5 Administration Division.

§ A12-6 Highways and Bridges Division.

§ A12-7 Buildings and Grounds Division.

§ A12-8 Rules and regulations.

Article XIII Department of Public Transportation

§ A13-1 Director of Public Transportation.

§ A13-2 Deputy Director of Public Transportation.

§ A13-3 Rules and regulations.

Article XIV County Attorney

§ A14-1 Appointment and qualifications.

§ A14-2 Powers and duties.

§ A14-3 Assistant County Attorneys.

§ A14-4 Special counsel.

Article XV Department of Information Services

§ A15-1 Director of Information Services.

§ A15-2 Assistant Directors.

§ A15-3 Deputy Director of Information Services.

Article XVI Department of Purchasing

§ A16-1 Director of Purchasing.

§ A16-2 Deputy Director of Purchasing.

§ A16-3 Bond of Director of Purchasing.

Article XVII (Reserved)

§ A17-1 through § A17-3. (Reserved)

Article XVIII Department of Public Defender

§ A18-1 Public Defender.

§ A18-2 Deputy and Assistant Public Defenders and staff.

§ A18-3 Acting Public Defender.

§ A18-4 Special counsel.

Article XIX County Clerk

§ A19-1 Election and qualifications.

§ A19-2 Powers and duties.

§ A19-3 Deputy County Clerk and Acting County Clerk.

§ A19-4 Bond of County Clerk.

Article XX Sheriff

§ A20-1 Election and qualifications.

§ A20-2 Powers and duties.

§ A20-3 Undersheriff.

§ A20-4 Deputies.

§ A20-5 Salary of Sheriff; accounting for fees and funds.

§ A20-6 Bond of Sheriff.

Article XXI District Attorney

§ A21-1 Election and qualification.

§ A21-2 Powers and duties.

§ A21-3 Assistant District Attorneys.

Article XXII Fire Coordinator and Fire Advisory Board

§ A22-1 Fire Coordinator.

§ A22-2 Deputy Fire Coordinator.

§ A22-3 Fire Advisory Board.

Article XXIII Office for the Aging

§ A23-1 Director of Office for the Aging.

§ A23-2 Deputy Director of Office for the Aging.

Article XXIV Consumer Fraud Bureau

§ A24-1 Consumer Fraud Bureau; Division of Weights and Measures.

§ A24-2 Director of Consumer Affairs.

§ A24-3 Deputy Director of Consumer Affairs.

§ A24-4 Director of Weights and Measures.

§ A24-5 Deputy Director of Weights and Measures.

Article XXV Veterans' Service Agency

§ A25-1 Director of Veterans' Service.

§ A25-2 Deputy Director of Veterans' Service.

Article XXVI Department of Probation

§ A26-1 Director of Probation.

§ A26-2 Deputy Director of Probation.

Article XXVII Board of Elections

§ A27-1 Appointment; term.

§ A27-2 Powers and duties.

§ A27-3 Deputy Commissioners of Board of Elections.

Article XXVIII County Jury Board; Commissioner of Jurors

§ A28-1 Powers and duties.

Article XXIX Department of Residential Health Care Facilities

§ A29-1 Director of Residential Health Care Facilities.

§ A29-2 Deputy Director of Residential Health Care Facilities.

Article XXX Commission of Human Rights

§ A30-1 Commissioner of Human Rights.

§ A30-2 Commission membership; duties; appointments; terms of office.

§ A30-3 Authority.

Article XXXI County Historian

§ A31-1 Appointment; powers and duties.

Article XXXII Ulster County Community College

§ A32-1 Continued operation; Board of Trustees.

Article XXXIII Board of Ethics

§ A33-1 Purpose and intent.

§ A33-2 Membership; appointment; compensation.

§ A33-3 Powers and duties.

Article XXXIV Periodic Compensation Review Committee

§ A34-1 Establishment; membership; compensation.

§ A34-2 Terms of office; limits of service; filling vacancies.

§ A34-3 Duties.

Article XXXV Environmental Management Council

§ A35-1 Membership; terms of office; limits of service; compensation.

§ A35-2 Powers and duties.

Article XXXVI Department of Emergency Communications/Emergency Management

§ A36-1 Director of Emergency Communications/Emergency Management; Office of Civil Defense.

§ A36-2 Deputy or Assistant Directors.

Article XXXVII Intermunicipal Relations

§ A37-1 Contracts with public corporations and authorities; implementation.

§ A37-2 Intermunicipal Collaboration Council.

Article XXXVIII Department of Employment and Training

§ A38-1 Director of Employment and Training.

§ A38-2 Deputy Director of Employment and Training.

§ A38-3 Workforce Investment Board.

Article XXXIX Department of Tourism

§ A39-1 Director of Tourism.

§ A39-2 Deputy Director of Tourism.

Article XL Traffic Safety

§ A40-1 Coordinator of Traffic Safety.

§ A40-2 Deputy Coordinator of Traffic Safety.

§ A40-3 Traffic Safety Board.

Article XLI Youth Bureau

§ A41-1 Director of Youth Bureau.

§ A41-2 Deputy Director of Youth Bureau.

§ A41-3 Youth Board.

Article XLII Department of Community Corrections

§ A42-1 Director of Community Corrections.

§ A42-2 Assistant Director or Deputy Director of Community Corrections.

Article XLIII Safety Department

§ A43-1 Safety Officer.

§ A43-2 Deputy Safety Officer.

Article XLIV Insurance Department

§ A44-1 Insurance Officer.

§ A44-2 Deputy Insurance Officer.

§ A44-3 Ulster County Self-Insurance Plan.

Article XLV General and Transitional Provisions

§ A45-1 Existing laws continued.

§ A45-2 Continuation of authority.

§ A45-3 Civil service rights continued.

§ A45-4 Existing terms of office.

§ A45-5 Transfer of functions, duties and personnel; other County departments, boards, offices and agencies.

§ A45-6 Charter clarification.

§ A45-7 Amendments to Administrative Code.

§ A45-8 Severability.

§ A45-9 Dates.

§ A45-10 Amendments to Charter.

§ A45-11 Completion of unfinished business.

§ A45-12 Repealer clause.

§ A45-13 Effective date.