City of Oneonta, NY
Otsego County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Derived from Articles VII and XI of Chapter 11 of the 1975 Compilation, as amended through 1996; amended in its entirety 5-2-2000 by Ord. No. 12-2000. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Amusement devices — See Ch. 64.
License required of businesses conducted for profit. No person shall, within the city, establish, keep, maintain or conduct, as principal agent or employee, any public billiard room, poolroom or shooting gallery or public place of any description in which the game of billiards, pool or shooting are carried on, or which includes any apparatus or paraphernalia for the playing of billiards or pool or for shooting and which is conducted as a public place of business for profit, without first having obtained and paid for a license as hereinafter provided.
Exemptions. The provisions of Subsection A shall not apply to any club or organization formed in good faith, the privileges of which shall be enjoyed only by the members thereof who pay for such privileges a stated sum annually as a membership fee.
Filing. Any person desiring to procure a license as herein provided shall file with the City Clerk a written application upon a blank form furnished by the city.
Contents. Such application shall contain:
The name, residence and age of the applicant.
The length of time such applicant has resided in the city, his places of previous employment, whether married or single and whether he has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor and, if so, what offense, when and in what court.
The premises where such poolroom, billiard room or shooting gallery is to be conducted, giving street and number.
Whether such poolroom, billiard room or shooting gallery is to be conducted in connection with some other kind of business.
Whether the applicant had, either alone or with someone else, previously engaged as owner or employee in conducting a poolroom, billiard room or shooting gallery, when and where and for how long.
The floor on which such poolroom or billiard room or shooting gallery is to be located, and whether any partitions or obstructions separate or divide the room therein or in any way prevent a clear view thereof from the street if on the ground floor, or from the entrance if on any floor other than the ground floor.
The number of pool tables, billiard tables and combination pool-and-billiard tables or guns to be used in such room or gallery.
Such other information as the City Clerk may require.
Verification. Such application shall be signed and verified before a notary public.
Approval by City Clerk. Upon the filing of the application and bond, as provided in the previous section, and the payment of the license fee hereinafter provided, the City Clerk, upon his approval of such application and bond after investigation, shall issue to the applicant a license to establish, conduct and maintain a billiard or poolroom or place or a shooting gallery as provided herein. No license or permit shall be refused except for a specific reason and for the protection of the public safety, good order or morals.
Contents of license. All licenses shall be numbered in the order in which they are issued and shall state clearly the location of the pool or billiard room or place or the shooting gallery, the number of tables or guns, the dates of issuance and expiration of the license and the name of the licensee.
License fees; term. Licenses shall be issued for the calendar year and shall expire on December 31 of each year. Payment of a license fee in an amount set by resolution from time to time by the Common Council of the City of Oneonta shall be paid to the City Clerk before such license may be issued to a billiard and pool room for each pool or billiard table used or kept on the premises.
Every person licensed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall immediately post such license and a copy of this chapter furnished by the City Clerk and shall keep the same posted while in force in a conspicuous place in the premises where pool or billiard playing or shooting is authorized to be carried on. The license shall be enclosed in a suitable wood or metal frame, having a clear glass front and a suitable wood or metal back, so that the whole of such license may be seen therein.
No licensee keep such public billiard room, poolroom or shooting gallery or public place open or operate the same after the hour of 12:00 midnight and before 7:00 a.m. with the following exception: Within Commercial Business Districts A, B, C, and B-WW, no licensee shall keep such public billiard room, poolroom or shooting gallery or public place open or operate the same after the hour of 2:00 a.m. and before 7:00 a.m.
No licensee shall suffer or permit any minor under the age of 16 years to enter or remain in such public billiard room, poolroom or shooting gallery or public place open to the public after 8:00 p.m., unless accompanied by a parent or legally appointed guardian.
Grounds; hearing required. The Common Council may, at any time, for just cause or any violation of this chapter, and after giving notice to the licensee and an opportunity to be heard, revoke any license granted under the provisions of this chapter.
Service of notice. Notice of such hearing and the reason therefor, in writing, shall be served by the City Clerk upon the person named in the application by mailing the same to the address given on the application.
Effect of revocation. Whenever any license shall be revoked, no refund of any unearned portion thereof shall be made, and no license shall be granted to conduct a poolroom, billiard room or shooting gallery to any person whose license has been so revoked within a period of one year from the date of such revocation.
Any person violating any provision of this chapter shall be punished as provided in § 1-18 of this Code.