Town of Schodack, NY
Rensselaer County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The quality of Schodack's water supply and waterworks is fundamental to the quality of life in the town. It is hereby declared to be the intent of the Town of Schodack to provide its citizens with waterworks that are of the highest quality possible considering operation and maintenance, materials for construction, water quality, water quantity, water pressure, fire protection and overall cost.
It shall be the intent of the Town of Schodack to continually consider and assess all the immediate and future impacts, on the well-being of our town and its limited potable water supply, of all actions taken with regard to expanding, upgrading and permitting water distribution systems.
It shall be the intent of the town that approval of any new waterworks must include, in addition to any and all other regulatory requirements, an acceptable engineering assessment of how that system could be integrated into a future town-wide system and the positive and/or negative impacts that any new system could have on existing systems, including municipal and private wells and aquifer supply and quality concerns.
It shall be the intent of the town to require that all new or proposed waterworks shall be constructed in such a way and of such materials that they meet the minimum standards set by the town and that there is as much standardization in the systems as is practicable.
The validity of any section, clause, sentence or provision of this chapter shall not affect the validity of any other part of this chapter, which can be given effect without such invalid part or parts.