Township of East Caln, PA
Chester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of East Caln at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I General Regulations

§ 215-1 Definitions and interpretation.

§ 215-2 Manner of adopting permanent traffic and parking regulations.

§ 215-3 Provisions to be continuation of existing regulations.

§ 215-4 Temporary and emergency regulations.

§ 215-5 Experimental regulations.

§ 215-6 Traffic on streets closed or restricted for construction, maintenance or special events.

§ 215-7 Use of streets by processions and assemblages.

§ 215-8 Authority of police officers.

§ 215-9 Authorization for use of speed timing devices.

Article II Traffic Regulations

§ 215-10 Maximum speed limits established on certain streets.

§ 215-11 Maximum speed limits established on certain bridges and elevated structures.

§ 215-12 Maximum speed limits established for certain vehicles on hazardous grades.

§ 215-13 Maximum speed limits established in parks.

§ 215-14 Traffic signals at certain locations.

§ 215-15 Intersections where turn prohibited on red signal.

§ 215-16 One-way streets established.

§ 215-17 Turning at certain intersections prohibited or restricted.

§ 215-18 Right turns prohibited at certain intersections.

§ 215-19 U-turns prohibited at certain locations.

§ 215-20 No passing zones established.

§ 215-21 Through highways established.

§ 215-22 Stop intersections established.

§ 215-23 Yield intersections established.

§ 215-24 Operation of motor vehicles restricted on public lands.

Article III Restrictions on Size, Weight and Type of Vehicle and Load

§ 215-25 Vehicle weight limits established on certain streets and bridges.

§ 215-26 Restrictions on size of vehicles on certain streets and bridges.

§ 215-27 Restrictions as to weight and size of vehicles on certain streets and bridges.

§ 215-28 Truck traffic restricted on certain streets.

Article IV General Parking Regulations

§ 215-29 Vehicles to be parked within marked spaces.

§ 215-30 Parking prohibited at all times in certain locations.

§ 215-31 Parking prohibited in certain locations, certain days and hours.

§ 215-32 Parking of trucks, buses and certain other vehicles prohibited in certain locations.

§ 215-33 Parking time limited in certain locations certain days and hours.

§ 215-34 Special purpose parking zones established; parking otherwise prohibited.

§ 215-35 Standing or parking on roadway for loading or unloading.

§ 215-36 Angle parking required on portions of certain streets.

§ 215-37 Parking prohibited on portions of certain highways during street sweeping hours.

Article V Snow and Ice Emergency

§ 215-38 Title.

§ 215-39 Purpose.

§ 215-40 Definitions and word usage.

§ 215-41 Regulations.

§ 215-42 Enforcement.

§ 215-43 Violations and penalties.

Article VI Regulation of Pedalcycles and Nonmotorized Vehicles

§ 215-44 Riding and parking of pedalcycles on sidewalks along certain streets prohibited.

§ 215-45 Restrictions on use of pushcarts.

§ 215-46 Skates, skateboards, coasters, sleds and other toy vehicles.

Article VII Pedestrian Regulations

§ 215-47 Pedestrians to obey traffic-control signs.

§ 215-48 Pedestrian-control signal locations established.

§ 215-49 Locations where pedestrian crossing in unmarked crosswalks restricted.

§ 215-50 Locations where pedestrians may cross only in crosswalk.

§ 215-51 Violations and penalties.