City of Newburgh, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Within six months after receipt of the communication from the City Planning Board with respect to the preliminary plat, the subdivider shall apply by certified mail to the City Planning Board on forms prescribed by and available from the City Planning Board specifying he is seeking final approval. If such application is not received within the above specified time, unless extended in writing by the City Planning Board, any approval or conditional approval of the preliminary plat by the City Planning Board shall be considered null and void. Such completed form shall be accompanied by the linen tracing or Mylar original, a photographic Mylar at the same scale and five contact prints of the final plat at a standard sheet size of 22 inches by 34 inches or 34 inches by 44 inches. If more than one sheet is required, a key map shall be shown on each sheet indicating the relationship of the streets. The subdivider shall also, by delivery or certified mail, give written notice to the City Clerk stating the date of submission of the final plat and accompanied by a copy of the completed application.
The final plat shall be prepared by a professional engineer and land surveyor and shall be drawn clearly and legibly with waterproof ink at a horizontal scale of one inch equals 50 feet and vertical scale of one inch equals five feet and shall show:
The subdivision name, boundaries, magnetic and estimate of true North points, date, scales, legend and title, "Final Plat," and index map at a scale of one inch equals 400 feet, showing location in relation to surrounding neighborhood.
The names and addresses of the record owner and the subdivider, if different from the record owner, and the names, license numbers and seals of the responsible professional engineer and land surveyor.
The names of all abutters as determined from the most recent tax list.
The existing and proposed lines of streets, rights-of-way, sidewalks, easements, bridges, culverts and any public or common areas within the subdivision.
The location, names and present widths of streets bounding, approaching or within reasonable proximity of the subdivision.
The boundary lines, areas in square feet and bearings and distances of all existing and proposed lots, with all lots designated numerically and in sequence as per the City Tax Maps.
Sufficient data, including lengths, bearings, radii and central angles, to determine the exact location, direction and length of every street and way line, lot line and boundary line and to establish these lines on the ground.
The location of all permanent monuments and bench marks tied into City datum.
The location of natural waterways and water bodies within and adjacent to the subdivision.
The location of all existing and proposed utilities (sewerage, water, drainage, electric, telephone, gas, fire alarm and police alarm).
The location of existing and proposed street name signs, streetlights and street trees.
Every final plat submitted to the City Planning Board for its approval shall carry the following endorsement:
[Amended 1-10-2011 by Ord. No. 3-2011]
Approved by resolution of the Planning Board of the City of Newburgh, New York, on the _____ day of _____________, 20__, subject to all requirements and conditions of said resolution. Any change, erasure, modification or revision of this plat, as approved, shall void this approval. Signed this _____ day of _____________, 20__, by
City Engineer
The form and final plat shall be accompanied by:
A notarized affidavit from the record owner that he is the owner of the land proposed for subdivision and, if the subdivider is not the record owner, that the subdivider may act for him.
If more than five lots, the approval of the final plat by the Orange County Department of Health.
A certificate of the subdivider's engineer and approval by the City Engineer that the required improvements have been installed in accordance with the standards of this chapter and the City or as otherwise modified. At least 10 days' notice shall be given to the City Engineer by the subdivider requesting such certificate. For any required improvements not so completed, a certificate of the Corporation Counsel and the City Engineer as to the sufficiency of the performance bond offered in lieu thereof shall be provided.
A formal offer of cession to the public of all streets, easements or parks not specifically reserved to the record owner, together with a legal description of each, prepared and certified to by a land surveyor and indicated by notation on the final plat with appropriate certificate of approval of the Corporation Counsel as to their legal sufficiency.
Within 62 days from the date of submission of the subdivision plat, the Planning Board shall approve, conditionally approve or disapprove such plat. Final approval cannot be given until the subdivider has complied with the requirements of this chapter. If such approval is given, the City Planning Board shall so endorse on the appropriate place on both the original and on the photographic Mylar or equally stable material and return only the photographic Mylar to the subdivider. One print each of the approved plat may be submitted by the City Planning Board to the City Engineer, City Assessor and City Clerk.
[Amended 1-10-2011 by Ord. No. 3-2011]
Upon approval, the streets, highways and parks shown on the subdivision shall become part of the Official Map of the City if and when one is adopted, but such action does not obligate the City Council to assume the responsibility for improving or maintaining such streets or other property. Every street, highway or park shall be deemed to be private until such time as it has been formally offered for cession to the public and formally accepted as public property by ordinance of the City Council.