City of Newburgh, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Prior to the installation or repair of service lines and/or fire service lines, the property owner shall make application for a permit to the Superintendent. Upon approval of the application, the property owner shall pay all required charges, fees and deposits and obtain the necessary street-opening and any other required permits.
Tapping and making connections to the water mains or fire mains must, in all cases, be done by authorized employees of the Water Department and shall not be done by any other persons unless acting with the written permission or direction of the Superintendent.
Unless otherwise directed, no new service line shall be made available for use of water until all inactive service lines have been shut off permanently at the corporation at the water main.
Unless otherwise directed, no new service line shall be made available for the use of water until the new line has been tested and disinfected in accordance with the Plumbing Code[1] and as approved by the Superintendent. The property owner shall pay any charges associated with this procedure.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 230, Plumbing.
Unless otherwise specified, new service lines and replacements of existing service lines shall be a minimum of 3/4 inch in diameter. Service lines up to and including two inches in diameter shall be of copper tubing (Type K) with flared joints, and service lines greater than two inches in diameter shall be of cast-iron or ductile-iron cement-lined pipe. There shall be no repair of galvanized-iron or lead service lines. Such lines shall be replaced by copper lines.
The property owner shall, at his own expense, do all work necessary for the installation of the service line or fire line, including but not limited to the cost of materials and labor, excavation, shoring, backfilling, dewatering, rodding, concrete thrust blocks and surface restoration, in a manner satisfactory to the Superintendent, except for tapping and making connections to the water main.
No tap shall be made until the depth of the trench and dimensions of excavation are such as will allow adequate room for tapping the main and for laying the service line and/or fire line. The permittee shall notify the Superintendent not less than 24 hours in advance, exclusive of weekends and holidays, that the trench is ready for the tap and installation of the service line or fire line.
In general, the trenches excavated for service lines or fire lines shall be straight and perpendicular to the water main opposite the owner's property. If the main is in an unusual location or because of solid rock, the Superintendent may grant permission to lay the line in another generally accepted manner.
Not more than one premises shall be connected to any one tap and service line. The word "premises" as used herein shall mean:
A building under one roof owned or leased by one party and occupied as a residence or for business or commercial purposes.
A group or combination of buildings in one common enclosure owned or leased by one party or occupied by one family or one corporation or firm or as a place of business or for manufacturing or industrial purposes or as a hospital or other public institution.
One side of a double house having a solid vertical partition wall.
A building owned or leased by one party, containing more than one apartment and having one entrance and using one hall in common.
A building owned or leased by one party having a number of apartments, offices or lofts which are rented to tenants.
A public building such as a town hall, school house, fire engine house, etc.
A single lot or park or playground.
Each house in a row of houses.
Domestic service lines in all cases shall be separate from fire service lines. Unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent, fire service lines shall not be less than four inches in diameter.
Where the property owner requests a tap on a water main which is of a material other than cast iron or ductile iron, special equipment and materials may be required. The City shall not be held liable for any delay in obtaining special equipment and materials needed to complete the work.
The property owner shall, at his expense, including all necessary labor and materials, install, maintain and keep in good repair and proper operating condition all service lines serving the property. The Superintendent may direct the owner to replace or repair, as directed, any and all parts of the service line serving said property which, in his opinion, may be necessary to prevent leakage or waste of water or damage to property. All repairs to water service lines shall be performed by a licensed plumber at the customer's expense to City specifications and shall be subject to inspection and approval by the Superintendent.
Property owners shall, at their expense, including all necessary labor and materials, keep the service-line curb box readily accessible to the Water Department for the purpose of turning water off or on. They shall also maintain the boxes level with the surface of the adjoining ground, pavement, walk or driveway for the safety of pedestrians or other traffic.
The City shall not be responsible for its inability to turn water off or on in the event that the water service valve is inaccessible or inoperable, nor shall it be liable on account of injury to persons or damage to property by reasons of the fact that the curb box or curb stop or any part of the service line was not maintained in accordance with these rules and regulations.
The City shall not be liable in any way for injury to persons or damage to property by reason of breaks, obstructions, leaks in service lines and house piping or any part thereof as the result of frost or necessary maintenance operations of the Water Department or any other cause.
Any service line or any part thereof which may become frozen shall be thawed, repaired or replaced by the property owner at their expense as directed by the Superintendent.