City of Port Jervis, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Promulgated by the Mayor of the City of Port Jervis 2-26-1968 as Executive Order No. 1 (Ch. A161 of the 1981 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Editor's Note: The current Emergency Response Plan for the City of Port Jervis is on file with the Emergency Management Office, City Clerk-Treasurer and Mayor. The City has also agreed by resolution adopted 8-28-2006 to follow standards as set by the National Institute of Management Systems (NIMS).
In the event of an enemy attack, all City officers of the City of Port Jervis shall continue regular City government operations, to the extent permitted by attack conditions, from the City emergency operation center, and will follow the lines of succession established by local law for continuity of government.
The following officers and agencies of the City of Port Jervis, under the guidance of the Civil Defense Director, shall direct and coordinate performance of the specific emergency civil defense functions to include but not be limited to those hereinafter designated:
City Attorney. The City Attorney shall render advice and opinions to the chief executive officer Mayor of the City of Port Jervis with regard to continuity of government and interpretation, application and implementation of the New York State Defense Emergency Act and related defense emergency laws, other relevant laws and regulations and orders of the State Civil Defense Commission, and draft executive orders, regulations and orders in coordinating with the executive officer Mayor of the City of Port Jervis and the Civil Defense Director.
City Clerk. The City Clerk is responsible for developing a plan for implementing a system to preserve all of the essential records of the City of Port Jervis; in addition, in a post-attack situation, under the general direction of the City of Port Jervis Civil Defense Director or myself (Mayor), he is responsible for the preparation and release of official statements to the press, radio, television or other news media. He will prepare releases to be disseminated via the Emergency Broadcasting System and will act as the City's public relations officer in all official matters. He is directed to immediately forward a copy of this executive order to City department heads, City officers or employees referred to herein, with all due speed.
Chief of Police. The Chief of Police shall utilize regular and auxiliary police for maintenance of law and order, including protection of life and property; regulate and control traffic; direct injured to medical installations and homeless to welfare shelters; and provide assistance to handicapped persons by obtaining transportation for them and directing them to suitable care installation shelters; and be constantly on alert for disorders such as riots, guarding food supplies, banks, resources of all kinds, such as gas, oil, lumber, coal, hardware, clothing, shoes, etc.; patrol streets; prevent boating; and be responsible for the training and organizing of approved volunteers equipped as auxiliary police for duty in an emergency.
Chief of Fire Department. The Chief of the Fire Department, assisted by Assistant Chiefs and officers of the Department and personnel by way of trained firemen, shall, in sufficient numbers, estimated at 25 able-bodied men and three officers per company, with all essential equipment for fighting fires and assisting in rescue work, execute such other duties and responsibilities as may be required by any situation in an emergency or disaster, as may develop, and such other functions than those designated. He is responsible for recruiting, training and equipping the required number of auxiliary firemen.
Public works service. The Public Works Department shall assign, recruit and organize such additional personnel as required and all publicly owned construction equipment and publicly employed construction personnel into public works, public utility and rescue teams; and shall identify, locate and interrogate, with such teams, all privately owned construction equipment with trained construction personnel, public utility and maintenance personnel included, to be prepared in any emergency to clear debris, perform highway and bridge maintenance and emergency repairs, rehabilitate vital City services on streets, sewers and all essential facilities and public services at all times during an emergency, at all hours, day or night, as may be required or directed.
Chief of Water Department. The Chief of the Water Department shall recruit, train and equip additional Water Department personnel, if required, to be prepared to repair damaged or broken water mains, damaged reservoirs, to make tests of water as to radioactive content at all times during and after an emergency, and at such other times be prepared to assist whenever required, as directed.
Chief of electrical maintenance service. In a natural disaster or post-attack situation, the Chief of the City's electrical service is responsible for directing all activity required to restore and maintain electric service within the City, including but not limited to all necessary electrical repairs, removing dangerous wires, the testing and operation of any emergency power generators, procurement of fuel necessary for this operation, and for determining priorities for restoration of the electrical service in the City of Port Jervis.
Director of Industrial Development Commission. The Director of the Industrial Development Commission shall meet with the Director of Civil Defense with a view toward carrying out, with the advice of industry management, such post-attack measures as to enable industrial management and business establishments to protect their essential facilities and personnel, continue management and resume production activity following attack emergency.
Commissioner of Public Welfare. The Welfare Commissioner will be responsible for all the post-attack welfare needs of the people of the City of Port Jervis, assisted by the local Red Cross organization; will maintain rosters of persons assigned to emergency housing; and provide emergency housing, food, clothing, financial assistance or any other commodity required for the preservation of life.
Director of Health Department. The Director of the Health Department is in charge of providing health and medical services to the population, care and treatment of the ill and injured, and identification and disposing of the dead in an emergency.
Health Inspector of Public Health Department. Service are charged with the inspection of food, water, drinking or cooking, and for the decontamination facilities of radioactive evacuees. The mortuary service is assigned to the Department of Health of the City of Port Jervis.
City Superintendent of Schools service. The Superintendent of Schools shall provide shelter protection for pupils and staff members and provide for the maximum utilization of available school facilities and resources in support of civil defense emergency operations, including but not limited to the following:
Coordination with other services in the care of pupils denied parental care by reason of emergency conditions.
Making available for civil defense use school facilities, buses and other school-owned equipment not required for immediate use of pupils.
Operating and maintaining school buildings for use of and by medical health service, welfare services and other emergency services as may be directed.
Implementing the rules, orders and regulations of the Civil Defense Commission and the Commissioner of Education relating to the state-wide school system under emergency conditions requirements.
Providing shelters for pupils within the school system and recruiting and training shelter managers for school shelters.
All schools, public or private, are under the command of the Superintendent of Schools of the City of Port Jervis civil defense jurisdiction in an emergency.
The Superintendent of Port Jervis Schools, Central School District, will advise all public and private schools' staff or personnel that they, when not carrying out their assigned normal duties following an enemy attack, will report, to the City of Port Jervis Civil Defense Director for a duty assignment.
General. All City agency heads or personnel assigned civil defense functions via this executive order will report to the City's emergency operations center for post-attack operations, tests or exercises when so directed by either the City Director of Civil Defense or myself, Mayor of Port Jervis.