Town of East Fishkill, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Legislation to adopt this chapter is currently proposed before the Town Board. Upon final adoption, the date of such legislation will be included here.]
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Article I Procedures

§ A197-10 General.

§ A197-11 Preparation and submission of road or improvement plan.

§ A197-12 Construction and inspection.

§ A197-13 Maintenance.

§ A197-14 Dedication.

§ A197-15 through § A197-19. (Reserved)

Article II Highway Design Specifications

§ A197-20 Guidelines, applicability and planning.

§ A197-21 Classes and right-of-way.

§ A197-22 Vertical alignment.

§ A197-23 Horizontal alignment.

§ A197-24 Combination alignment.

§ A197-25 Intersections.

§ A197-26 Turning circles.

§ A197-27 Sight distance.

§ A197-28 through § A197-29. (Reserved).

Article III Grading and Paving Construction Specifications

§ A197-30 Right-of-way and construction layout.

§ A197-31 Clearing and grubbing.

§ A197-32 Rough grading.

§ A197-33 Subgrade.

§ A197-34 Fine grading of subgrade.

§ A197-35 Foundation course.

§ A197-36 Asphalt cement concrete (plant mix).

§ A197-37 Bituminous surface treatment (double course).

§ A197-38 Restoration of disturbed areas within a right-of-way or easement.

§ A197-39 (Reserved).

Article IV Drainage Design Specifications

§ A197-40 Drainage report and plans.

§ A197-41 Drainage easements.

§ A197-42 Pipe.

§ A197-43 Treatment of culvert ends.

§ A197-44 Underdrains.

§ A197-45 Catch basins and manholes.

§ A197-46 Open ditches or swales.

§ A197-47 Detention or retention ponds.

§ A197-48 through § A197-49. (Reserved).

Article V Drainage Materials Specifications

§ A197-50 Pipe.

§ A197-51 Catch basins.

§ A197-52 Manholes.

§ A197-53 Steps.

§ A197-54 Rip-rap.

§ A197-55 Child resistant grillage.

§ A197-56 through § A197-59. (Reserved).

Article VI Drainage Installation Specifications

§ A197-60 Additional drainage facilities.

§ A197-61 Trench excavation and backfill.

§ A197-62 Pipe laying.

§ A197-63 Catch basin and manhole installation.

§ A197-64 Ditches and swales.

§ A197-65 Rip-rap.

§ A197-66 through § A197-69. (Reserved).

Article VII Other Features: Design, Material and Construction Specifications

§ A197-70 Curbs.

§ A197-71 Sidewalks.

§ A197-72 Monuments.

§ A197-73 Guiderail.

§ A197-74 Traffic signs and road name signs.

§ A197-75 House drains.

§ A197-76 Driveways.

§ A197-77 Stop bar and striping.

§ A197-78 Bridge/underpass/overpass.

§ A197-79 Detour/road closure.

Article VIII Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Including Dust Control

§ A197-80 Procedure.

§ A197-81 Vegetative control measures.

§ A197-82 Structural control measures.

§ A197-83 Dust control.

§ A197-84 through § A197-89. (Reserved).

Article IX Requirements Relating to Other Portions of the Town Code (Not under the jurisdiction of the Highway Superintendent)

§ A197-90 Securities.

§ A197-91 Timely completion.

§ A197-92 Fire safety measures.

§ A197-93 Trees and landscaping.

§ A197-94 Building permits.

§ A197-95 Certificate of occupancy.