Borough of Park Ridge, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 3-8-1983 by Ord. No. 83-4; 5-10-1983 by Ord. No. 83-5]
An application shall be submitted to the administrative officer, in writing, in duplicate on forms supplied by the approving authority. Receipt of an application for preliminary major subdivision approval shall be filed no less than 28 days prior to the regular meeting date of the approving authority. Required fees, as provided in Article III, shall be submitted with the application form.
The application shall be accompanied by an original and 24 copies of the proposed subdivision accurately drawn to scale of not less than one inch equals 50 feet, certified by a licensed land surveyor as to existing features and boundaries. The subdivision plat shall be in conformance with the Map Filing Act, P.L. 1960, c. 141 (N.J.S.A. 46:23-9.9 et seq.)[1]. All design features shall be prepared by a licensed professional engineer.[2]
Editor's Note: Said Act was repealed by L.2011, c. 217.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
Preliminary plat details. The preliminary plat shall contain the following:
Date. All revisions shall be noted and dated.
Key map showing the location of the tract with references to the surrounding properties, existing streets and streams within 500 feet of the subdivision.
Title of development, North arrow, scale, block and lot number, name and address of record owner and name and address, license number and seal of person preparing the subdivision. If the owner of the premises is a corporation, the name and address of the president and secretary shall be submitted on the application.
All distances shall be in feet and decimals of a foot and all bearings shall be given to the nearest 10 seconds.
The names, as shown on current tax records, of all owners of property within 200 feet of the subdivision, together with the block and lot numbers of the said property.
The zoning district in which the parcel is located, together with the zone boundaries within 200 feet of the extreme limits of the property in question.
Survey data showing boundaries of the property, building or setback lines and lines of existing and proposed streets, lots, reservations, easements and areas dedicated to public use, including grants, restrictions and rights-of-way, to be prepared by a licensed land surveyor.
Reference to any existing or proposed covenants, deed restrictions, exceptions or variances covering all or any part of the parcel. A copy of such covenants, deed restrictions, exceptions or variances shall be submitted with the application.
The distances, measured along the right-of-way lines of existing streets abutting the property, to the nearest intersections with other public streets.
Location of existing buildings and all other structures, including walls, fences, culverts and bridges, with spot elevations of such buildings and structures. Structures to be removed shall be indicated by dashed lines; structures to remain shall be indicated by solid lines.
Location of all existing and proposed storm drainage structures and utility lines, whether publicly or privately owned, with pipe sizes, grades and direction of flow, locations and inlets, manholes or other appurtenances and appropriate invert and other elevations. If any existing utility lines are underground, the estimated location of said utility lines shall be shown, subject to the Department of Public Utilities approval.
Existing and proposed contours, referred to United States Coast and Geodetic Survey datum, with a contour interval of one foot for slopes of less than 3%; an interval of two feet for slopes of more than 3% but less than 15%; and an interval of five feet for slopes of 15% or more. Existing contours are to be indicated by dashed lines and proposed contours are to be indicated by solid lines.
Location of existing rock outcrops, high points, watercourses, depressions, ponds, marshes, wooded areas and other significant existing features, including previous flood elevations of watercourses. Ponds and marsh areas as determined by survey.
All proposed streets, with profiles, indicating grading; and cross sections showing width of roadway, location and width of sidewalks and location and size of utility lines conforming to the Borough standards and specifications.
The location of all existing and proposed water lines, valves and hydrants and all sewer lines or alternative means of sewerage and sewerage disposal and treatment.
Existing and proposed stormwater drainage system. All plans shall be accompanied by a separate sketch showing all existing drainage within 500 feet of any boundary, and all areas such as paved areas, grassed areas, wooded areas and any other surface area contributing to the calculations, and showing methods used in the drainage calculations.
Acreage, to the nearest tenth of an acre, of the tract to be subdivided and the area in square feet of all lots.
Any lands subject to the Farmland Assessment Act of 1964[3] shall be duly noted as to the valuation, assessment and taxation in accordance with § 87-62 herein.
Editor's Note: See N.J.S.A. 54:4-23.1 et seq.
Such other information or data as may be required by the approving authority, the County Planning Board or other governmental agencies for determination that the details of the subdivision are in accordance with the standards of this chapter, Chapter 101, Zoning, and all other applicable laws, ordinances or resolutions.
Preliminary subdivision plat review.
The applicant shall submit the preliminary subdivision application and plat maps and payment of all required fees to the administrative officer, who shall submit copies of the preliminary plat to the following:
Approving authority attorney.
Borough Engineer.
Planning consultant.
Construction Code Official.
[Amended 11-13-1978 by Ord. No. 78-16]
Board of Health.
Department of Public Works.
Fire Department.
Police Department.
Department of Public Utilities.
Borough Administrator.
Other municipal officials and agencies as directed by the approving authority.
Said persons and boards shall make recommendations to the approving authority in writing within 14 days of the application submission. The approving authority shall take said recommendations into account, but shall have the authority to proceed in the absence of such recommendations if the approving authority finds such recommendations not to be essential to its determination.
If the application for development is found to be incomplete, the developer shall be notified in writing of the deficiencies therein by the Board or the Board's designee for the determination of completeness within 45 days of submission of such application or it shall be deemed to be properly submitted.
[Amended 11-10-1980 by Ord. No. 80-10]
Where adjustments or changes are required in the plat submission, the applicant shall be required to modify the plat in order to qualify as a perfected application as to content and for public hearing purposes.
Other governmental approvals. Any preliminary approval required for county subdivision approval or any other county, state or federal approval shall be submitted by the applicant for review and approval in accordance with § 87-12 herein.
Public hearings. Upon submission of a perfected application, the approving authority shall schedule a public hearing for the applicant. The applicant shall meet all of the requirements established in § 87-7C for public hearings.
Time period in which to act. The approving authority shall grant, condition or deny preliminary subdivision approval within 45 days of a perfected application or within such further time period as may be consented to by the applicant for a subdivision of 10 or fewer lots, or 95 days for a subdivision containing more than 10 lots. Failure of the approving authority to act within the prescribed time periods or to obtain an extension from the applicant, in writing, shall constitute a preliminary approval by the approving authority.
If the approving authority acts favorably on a preliminary plat, the applicant shall submit six copies of a correct map to the administrative officer. The Chairman and Secretary shall affix their signature to the plat with a notation that it has received preliminary approval, and one such plat shall be returned to the applicant for compliance with final approval requirements.
Except as provided herein, preliminary approval of a major subdivision shall confer the following rights for a three-year period from the date of approval to the applicant:
That the general terms and conditions on which preliminary approval was granted shall not be changed, including but not limited to use requirements; layout and design standards for streets, curbs and sidewalks; lot size; year; dimensions and off-tract improvements; except that nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the Borough from modifying by ordinance such general terms and conditions of preliminary approval as relate to public health and safety.
That the applicant may submit for final approval on or before the expiration date of preliminary approval the whole or a section or sections of the preliminary subdivision plat, as the case may be.
That the applicant may apply for and the approving authority may grant extensions on such preliminary approval for additional periods of at least one year but not to exceed a total extension of two years, provided that if the design standards have been revised by ordinance, such revised standards shall govern beyond the three-year period.
In the case of a subdivision of 50 acres or more, the approving authority may grant the rights referred to in Subsection B(1), (2) and (3) above for such a period of time longer than three years as shall be determined by the approving authority to be reasonable, taking into consideration the number of dwelling units and nonresidential floor area permissible under preliminary approval, economic conditions and the comprehensiveness of the development. The applicant may thereafter apply for and the approving authority may thereafter grant an extension to preliminary approval for such additional period of time as shall be determined by the approving authority to be reasonable, taking into consideration the number of dwelling units and nonresidential floor area permissible under preliminary approval, the potential number of dwelling units and nonresidential floor area of the section or sections awaiting final approval, economic conditions and the comprehensiveness of the development, provided that if the design standards have been revised, such revised standards shall govern beyond the three-year period.
Failure to obtain final approval within the prescribed time limits as herein defined shall void the preliminary plat approval.