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Township of Riverside, NJ
Burlington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 3-28-1994 as Ord. No. 1994-4]

Qualifications and Duties (§ 66-17 — § 66-20) 

§ 66-17

§ 66-18

§ 66-19
Appointment; term; powers and duties. 

§ 66-20
Applicability of title amendment to other provisions. 

This Part 2 shall be known as the "Police Department Reorganization Ordinance of 1994."

The purpose of this Part 2 shall be the creation of the position of Director of Public Safety for the Township of Riverside and the setting forth of the requirements and duties of said office.


Position established. There is hereby established the administrative position of Director of Public Safety.


Method of appointment. The Director of Public Safety shall be appointed pursuant to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 40A:9-1.1 by Township Committee.


Term of appointment. The Director of Public Safety shall serve for a term at the pleasure of the Township Committee.


Qualifications of appointee. The person appointed to the position of Director of Public Safety shall be qualified by training and experience for the duties of his position, but in no event shall a person be appointed unless such person meets the following minimum qualifications:


A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in public safety administration, police science or a related field.


A minimum of 10 years' experience as a member of a police department, five years of which shall have been in a supervisory and administrative capacity.


Powers. Under the general direction of the Public Safety Committee acting as agent for the Township Committee, the Director of Public Safety shall have control over the Police Department in such manner as may be consistent with all applicable statutes, ordinances and regulations and shall be responsible for the administration, regulation and discipline of the Police Department. The Director of Public Safety, if such position exists, and all other supervisory officers, patrol officers and civilian employees of the Police Department shall perform their duties subject to the supervision and control of the Director of Public Safety.

[Amended 3-28-1994 by Ord. No. 1994-4]


Duties. The duties of the Director of Public Safety shall include but not be limited to the following:


The Director of Public Safety shall have full control over the Police Department and see to the proper enforcement of the rules and regulations adopted by the Township Committee; shall report to the Public Safety Committee from time to time such matters as may require the attention of the Township Committee, with the recommendation of the Director thereon, relating to conditions of the Department and its improvements and needs; shall perform such other matters in connection therewith as may be prescribed by the Township Committee; shall provide rules for applicants to become members of the police force; shall examine all applicants for positions on the police force and recommend for positions on the police force such persons as the Director may deem proper, from time to time; shall prefer charges against and, in his discretion, pending a final hearing on the charges, suspend any officer or member of the force and otherwise exercise control over all subordinates, subject to law; may employ marshals in emergencies and discharge them at the expiration thereof; and may, in case of emergency, temporarily employ special policemen for a term not to exceed one year, which special policemen shall not be considered members of the regular force or deemed to have the status of regular patrol officers, but whose appointment may be revoked at any time by the Director without cause and without hearing. All actions regarding employees shall be taken in conformity with applicable civil service laws and the regulations of the Department of Personnel and the Merit System Board.


To keep abreast of the public safety requirements of the Township and formulate policies, plans and procedures responsive to determined needs.


To develop organization, manpower and resource recommendations and, upon approval of the same by the Township Committee, effect their implementation.


To establish performance criteria for the Police Department as a whole, as well as its individual members, and conduct periodic evaluations to assure compliance with those criteria.


To establish and maintain relations with school, civic and private organizations to assure a full understanding of the public safety effort.


To conduct public relations and public information programs on behalf of the Police Department in order to maintain the required relationship between the Police Department and the citizens of the Borough.


To promote a close liaison with the various agencies of the Township and to attend all public meetings of the Township Committee when necessary to better coordinate the functioning of the Police Department with the work of all municipal agencies.


To regularly review the ordinances of the Township dealing with public safety to assure their propriety with the prevailing public safety needs of the Township.


To annually prepare a budget request for the Police Department and administer the same.


To plan and implement an ongoing program of training and education, subject to the approval of the Township Committee, for all the members of the Police Department so that they will be fully apprised of current developments in law enforcement.


To take an active part in any land use or zoning applications, proposals or studies which are or might be conducted for the Township so that adequate consideration is given to the present and future needs of the Police Department as well as to facilities and programs incidental to the functioning of the Department and the implementation of a program of preventative law.


To otherwise function in an executive capacity in evaluating, planning, organizing and directing the Police Department of the Township.


Compensation. The Director of Public Safety shall be paid an annual salary as established by the Township Committee.

[Amended 12-29-1997 by Ord. No. 1997-8]

Whenever in any Township ordinance, resolution, rule, regulation, policy, contract, agreement, memorandum or other document, however designated, there is reference to the Chief of Police, the title "Chief of Police" or "Chief" shall be deleted and shall be replaced by the title "Director of Public Safety" or "Police Chief" or "Director" or "Chief" as applicable.

Editor's Note: Ordinance No. 1997-8 also provided that the position of Police Chief shall be based upon the requirements established under the rules of the Department of Personnel. Furthermore, upon the appointment of a Police Chief, said individual shall be recognized as the chief law enforcement officer in the municipality.