Borough of Moosic, PA
Lackawanna County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In accordance with the municipality's Comprehensive Plan, and with consideration of the character of the municipality and its various parts, and the suitability of the various parts for particular uses and structures, the Borough of Moosic is hereby divided into seven zoning districts, differentiated according to permitted uses and building regulations, as follows:
Low Density Residential
Medium Density Residential
Planned Development Zone
Local Commercial
General Commercial
In addition to the seven zoning districts listed above, the Borough also has a Floodplain (FP) Conservation District. Where applicable on the Zoning Map, this FP zone appears as an overlay to the districts identified above. Permitted uses and building regulations in this zone are subject to the same requirements as the zone over which the overlay is placed, and the supplemental regulations governing the floodplain as described in § 300-30H hereof.
The location and boundaries of said zones are hereby established as shown on the Official Zoning Map of the Borough of Moosic, dated January 10, 2003, on file in the office of the Secretary of the Borough. Said Official Zoning Map, together with any map inserts, is hereby made a part of this chapter as if the same were all fully described and set forth herein.
Designation of zone boundaries. The zone boundary lines are intended to follow the right-of-way lines of streets and roads, existing lot and property lines, the mean and/or flood level of water bodies and Borough boundary lines, all as shown on the Zoning Map; but where a zone boundary line does not follow such a line, its location is shown on the Zoning Map by a specific dimension expressing its distance from a street or road line, or other boundary line as indicated, or by a reference to a contour line delineated on the United States Geological Survey Maps.
Determination of locations of boundaries. In the event of uncertainty as to the true location of a zone boundary line in a particular instance, any decision of the Zoning Officer may be appealed before the Zoning Hearing Board by any affected property owner. It shall be the duty of the Zoning Hearing Board to render its determination with respect thereto.
Division of lot or parcel in single ownership. Where a zone boundary line divides a lot or parcel in single ownership at the time of the passage of this chapter, any use authorized or permitted in either zone may be extended a distance not to exceed 50 feet beyond the boundary of the zone in which such use is authorized or permitted.
The sole purpose of this section is to define the process of determining the use to which a nonconforming use can be changed.
The phrase "more restrictive uses" as employed in this chapter shall mean the following:
Those uses permitted in a C-N Zone are the most restrictive.
All other uses are less restrictive in the order they are permitted in the zones in the sequence shown: R-1, R-2, C-1, PDZ, C-2, and M.
Where a use is specifically enumerated in a less restrictive zone, such use shall not be permitted in a more restrictive zone unless it is specifically enumerated as a permitted use therein.
Except as provided in this chapter, no building or part thereof or other structure shall be erected, altered, added to or enlarged, nor shall any land, building, structures or premises be used, designed or intended to be used for any purpose other than the uses hereinafter listed in Table No. 1[1] as permitted in the zone in which such building or premises are to be located.
Editor's Note: Table No. 1 is included at the end of this chapter.
In all districts, no permanent structure shall be permitted within 50 feet of any stream or existing natural drainage channel.