Borough of Chester, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 12-20-1999 by Ord. No. 99-13]
The purpose of this article is to prevent contamination of groundwater and to protect public health, safety and welfare by assuring that unused, unsafe or noncomplying wells, wells which may serve as conduits for contamination, or wells which may be illegally cross-connected to the municipal Water System are properly abandoned.
This article applies to all wells located on premises served by the Chester Borough Public Water System.
As used in this article, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates that a different meaning is intended:
A well or pump installation which does not comply with the provisions of applicable state law, or with applicable provisions of this chapter, or with applicable standards and regulations promulgated by the Board of Health of the Borough of Chester.
The pump and related equipment used for withdrawing water for a well, including the discharge piping, the underground connections, pitless adapters, pressure tanks, pits, sampling faucets and well seals or caps.
A well or pump installation which produces water which is bacteriologically contaminated or contaminated with substances in excess of the standards set by state legislation and regulations thereunder.
A well or pump installation which is not in use or does not have a functional pumping system.
An excavation; or opening into the ground made by digging, boring, drilling, driving or other methods for the purpose of obtaining water for consumption or for other use.
The filling and sealing of a well.
All wells located on premises served by the Water System shall be abandoned in accordance with the terms of this article no later than 120 days from the date of connection of the building served to the Water System, unless a well operation permit has been obtained by the well owner from the Board of Health.
The Board of Health may grant a permit to a private well owner to operate a well for a period not to exceed five years, providing the conditions of this article are met. All owners may request renewal of such well operation permit by submitting information verifying that the conditions of this article are met. The Board of Health may conduct inspections or have water quality tests conducted at the applicant's expense to obtain or verify information necessary for consideration of a permit application or renewal. Permit applications and renewals shall be made on forms provided by the Clerk. Each of the following conditions must be met for issuance or renewal of a well operation permit:
The well and pump installation meet or are upgraded to meet the requirements of applicable state law. No permit shall be issued for utilization of a noncomplying well.
The well construction and pump installation are not currently unsafe and have a history of producing bacteriologically safe water as evidenced by at least two samplings taken a minimum of two weeks apart.
There are no cross-connections between the well and pump installation and the municipal Water System. No fixture shall be served both by the well and by the municipal Water System.
The proposed use of the well and pump installation can be justified as being necessary in addition to water provided by the municipal Water System or as useful in conserving water.
No unused well for any building shall be returned to active use subsequent to the connection of the building to the Water System unless a permit has been obtained pursuant to the requirements of this article.
All wells abandoned under the jurisdiction of this article shall be abandoned according to the procedures and methods required by state law, and the regulations of the Board of Health. All debris, pumps, piping, unsealed liners and any other obstructions which may interfere with sealing operations shall be removed prior to abandonment.
The owner of the well or the owner's agent shall notify the Borough Clerk at least five days prior to commencement of any well abandonment activities. The abandonment of the well shall be observed by a designated representative of the Board of Health.
An abandonment certificate supplied by the Board of Health shall be provided to the well owner by the Clerk and the Board of Health within 30 days of the satisfactory completion of the well abandonment. The Board of Health shall collect a fee for the inspection and issuance of such certification as provided in its schedule of fees.