Village of Greendale, WI
Milwaukee County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 12-21-2004 by Ord. No. 811]
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meaning indicated:
Any drain or conveyance, whether on the surface or subsurface, which allows an illegal discharge to enter the storm drain system, including but not limited to any conveyances which allow any nonstormwater discharge, including sewage, process wastewater, and wash water, to enter the storm drain system and any connections to the storm drain system from indoor drains and sinks, regardless of whether said drain or connection had been allowed, permitted, or approved by a government agency prior to the adoption of this article.
Any individual, association, organization, partnership, firm, corporation, or other entity recognized by law and acting as either the owner or as the owner's agent.
Any publicly owned facilities by which stormwater is collected and/or conveyed, including but not limited to any roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, gutters, curbs, inlets, piped storm drains, pumping facilities, retention and detention basins, natural and human-made or altered drainage channels, reservoirs, and other drainage structures.
No person shall discharge, spill or dump substances or materials which are not entirely composed of stormwater into receiving bodies of water or onto driveways, sidewalks, parking lots or other areas that drain into the storm drainage system.
The construction, use, maintenance or continued existence of illicit connections to the storm drainage system is prohibited. This prohibition expressly includes, without limitation, illicit connections made prior to the adoption of this article, regardless of whether the connection was permissible under law or practice applicable or prevailing at the time of connection.
The following activities are exempt from the provisions of this article unless found to have an adverse impact on the stormwater:
Discharges authorized by a permit issued by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Discharges resulting from fire-fighting activities.
Discharges from uncontaminated groundwater, potable water source, roof drains, foundation drain and water main and hydrant flushing, and swimming pools if the water has been reasonably dechlorinated.
Whenever the Village finds a person has violated a prohibition or failed to meet a requirement of this article, the Village may order compliance by written notice of violation to the responsible person. Such notice may require, without limitation:
The elimination of illicit connections or discharges.
That violating discharges, practices, or operations shall cease and desist.
The abatement or remediation of stormwater pollution or contamination hazards and the restoration of any affected property.
In the event the person fails to eliminate the illicit connections or discharge, fails to cease and desist in discharges, practices or operations in violation of this article or fails to abate or remediate the stormwater pollution or contamination hazards, that person may be subject to a forfeiture as provided in § 25.04 of the Village Code. Each day that the violation exists shall constitute a separate offense.