Township of South Fayette, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the Township of South Fayette 4-15-2002 by Ord. No. 4-2002. (This ordinance also repealed former Ch. 195, Property Maintenance, adopted 11-16-1998 by Ord. No. 409.) Amendments noted where applicable.]
Brush, grass and weeds — See Ch. 120.
Building construction — See Ch. 125.
Floodplain management — See Ch. 160.
Junk dealers and junkyards — See Ch. 166.
Nuisances — See Ch. 171.
Parks and recreation areas — See Ch. 183.
Front-yard pole lamps — See Ch. 191, Art. I.
Sewers — See Ch. 200.
Solid waste — See Ch. 205.
Zoning — See Ch. 240.
A certain document, three copies of which are on file in the office of the Township Manager of South Fayette Township, being marked and designated as the "2000 International Property Maintenance Code," as published by the International Code Council, Inc., be and is hereby adopted as the Property Maintenance Code of South Fayette Township, in the State of Pennsylvania; for the control of buildings and structures as herein provided; and each and all of the regulations, provisions, penalties, conditions and terms of said Property Maintenance Code are hereby referred to, adopted, and made a part hereof, as if fully set out in this chapter, with the additions, insertions, deletions and changes, if any, prescribed in § 195-2 of this chapter.
The following sections are hereby revised:
In Section 101.1 insert: "South Fayette Township."
Section 102.3 is to read: Application of other codes. Repairs, additions or alterations to a structure, or changes of occupancy, shall be done in accordance with the procedures and provisions of the International Building Code, International Residential Code, the Allegheny County Plumbing Code and the International Fire Code. Nothing in this code shall be construed to cancel, modify or set aside any provision of the Township's Zoning Ordinances.
Section 103.2 is to read: Appointment. The Code Official shall be appointed by the chief appointing authority of the jurisdiction; and the Code Official can be removed from office following applicable procedures set forth by the appointing authority.
In Section 103.6 insert: "As adopted in the Township's Annual Fee and Charge Resolution."
Section 106.4 is to read as: Violation penalties. Any person who shall violate a provision of this code, or fail to comply therewith, or with any of the requirements thereof shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine not more than $1,000 plus the costs of prosecution and, in default of payment of such fine and costs, to undergo imprisonment for a term not to exceed 30 days. Each day that a violation continues after due notice has been served shall be deemed a separate offense.
Replace Section 302.4 with: Weeds and Grass. Weeds and grass in all residential zoned areas shall be governed by Article I of Chapter 120, Brush, Grass and Weeds, of the South Fayette Township Code of Ordinances. Weeds and grass in all other zoned areas shall be governed by Article II of Chapter 120, Brush, Grass and Weeds, of the South Fayette Township Code of Ordinances.
In Section 303.14 insert: "April 1 to October 31."
Add Section 303.18: Discard of refrigerator, freezer and/or similar storage chest. No person shall permit any refrigerator, freezer and/or other similar storage chest to be discarded, abandoned or stored in any place or location which is accessible to the general public without first completely removing any and all locking devices and/or doors.
Add Section 303.19: Discharge to sanitary sewage system. No person shall permit roof gutter, drains or any other system designed and constructed to transport stormwater to be discharged into any sanitary sewage system and/or any part thereof.
Add Section 303.20: Impoundments. No person shall permit wells, cesspools, cisterns sedimentation ponds, stormwater management impoundment ponds and/or ponds of a similar nature to remain open without adequate fencing or barricades to prevent access thereto by the general public.
In Section 602.3 insert: "November 1 to March 31."
In Section 602.4 insert: "November 1 to March 31."
Chapter 195 of the South Fayette Township Code of Ordinances entitled "Property Maintenance" and all other ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.
Chapter 130 of the South Fayette Township Code of Ordinances entitled "Buildings, Unsafe," and all other ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.
Nothing in this chapter or in the Property Maintenance Code hereby adopted shall be construed to affect any suit or proceeding impending in any court, or any rights acquired, or liability incurred, or any cause or causes of action acquired or existing, under any act or ordinance hereby repealed as cited in § 195-3 of this chapter; nor shall any just or legal right or remedy of any character be lost, impaired or affected by this chapter.
The Township Secretary shall certify to the adoption of this chapter and cause the same to be published as required by law; and this chapter shall take effect and be in force from and after its approval as required by law.