Town of Rush, NY
Monroe County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 100-13 Planning Board review.

The Planning Board, in reviewing an application for approval of a preliminary or final plat, shall be guided by the considerations and standards presented in these sections. In its review, the Planning Board will take into consideration the prospective character of the development and require that subdivision improvements be designed to such standards as are consistent with reasonable protection of the public health, safety, morals and general welfare. In addition, all design shall be in accordance with Chapter A125, Design Criteria and Construction Specifications, of the Code of the Town of Rush.

§ 100-14 Lot size and arrangement.

The dimensions and arrangement of lots shall be such that there will be no foreseeable difficulties because of topography, reservations, dedications or other conditions, in providing access to buildings on such lots or in securing building permits to build on the lots in compliance with Chapter 120, Zoning, on other requirements. In general, side lot lines should be at right angles or radial to street lines unless a variation from this can be shown to result in a better plan.

§ 100-15 Access.

All lots shall abut a street for at least the minimum width required in Chapter 120, Zoning. Where a watercourse separates the buildable area of a lot from the street to which it has access, provision shall be made for installation of a culvert or other structure when required, which shall be subject to the same design criteria and review as all other stormwater drainage facilities in the subdivision.

§ 100-16 Prevention of landlocked parcels.

No division of land shall result in any of the parcels not having at least one access point to at least one public street. Where a remaining parcel is located so that access to a public street would be gained by a street from the main portion of the parcel, there must be enough land remaining to provide for a public street from the site to the main street.

§ 100-17 Streams, drainageways and retention or detention basins.

Where applicable, subdivision lots should be laid out so that side or rear lot lines follow the center line of any stream or drainage way which may be within the subdivision.
Consideration shall be given to the need for construction of stormwater retention or detention basins where it appears that upstream development will overtax downstream natural watercourses and/or other drainage facilities. Such basins shall also be considered where natural downstream flooding along the watercourse has been a matter of historical record. Particular runoff from any particular development shall be at a rate no greater than would normally occur from the undeveloped land. Specific design criteria and engineering procedures in Chapter A125, Design Criteria and Construction Specifications, of the Code of the Town of Rush shall be followed.

§ 100-18 Neighborhood parks and playgrounds.

Pursuant to § 277 of the Town Law, final plats shall show, when required by the Planning Board, suitable areas for neighborhood parks, playgrounds, conservation or open space areas. They shall have physical characteristics and locations which render them readily usable for appropriate recreational purposes. Their locations shall be selected with a view toward minimizing hazards from vehicular traffic for children walking between such facilities and their homes in the neighborhood. No such area may be smaller than two acres, and in general, any recreational area of less than four acres shall be located at a suitable place on the edge of the subdivision so that additional land may be added at such time as the adjacent land is subdivided. The final plat shall include a detailed site development plan for each neighborhood park or playground. As a minimum, the site development plan shall provide for an approximately level area at least 175 feet square for field games. The site plan shall show how the entire area is to be graded, drained and landscaped to make it useful and attractive as a feature of the neighborhood. All improvements shown on the site development plan shall be made by the subdivider as part of the required improvements of the subdivision as a whole.
If the Planning Board does not require the developer to provide recreational area as above, the developer shall be required to pay a recreation fee at a rate per lot to be set by the Town Board. Such fee shall be paid to the Code Enforcement Officer at the time of the issuance of the building permit for new residential construction. Such fees will be used exclusively by the Town Board to purchase, acquire, develop and equip parks and playgrounds and for other recreational uses.

§ 100-19 Street names and signs.

All streets shall be named and such names shall be subject to the approval of the Planning Board, the Town Board, the US Postal Service and the Monroe County Office of Emergency Communications. A street which is a continuation of an existing street shall bear the same name. Relating street names to features of local historical, topographical or other natural interests is encouraged.