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Town of Mansfield, CT
Tolland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 5-23-2016, effective 6-21-2016; amended in its entirety 2-25-2019, effective 3-22-2019]
The Town Council of the Town of Mansfield finds that the improper or careless use of Town sidewalks by bicyclists, skaters and skateboarders can create hazards detrimental to the public welfare, health and safety of the people of the Town. Therefore, pursuant to the various police, health and public safety powers granted to municipalities per Connecticut General Statutes §§ 7-148 and 14-289, the Town of Mansfield seeks to protect, preserve and promote the health, safety, welfare and quality of life of the people by carefully regulating the use of Town sidewalks by bicyclists, skaters and skateboarders.
Any bicyclist, skater or skateboarder using a sidewalk shall exercise due care and caution to avoid colliding with any other person on the sidewalk. Every bicyclist and skateboarder shall travel on the sidewalk in a consistent and predictable manner, and such person's speed shall not exceed 10 miles per hour.
A bicyclist shall yield to any pedestrian or any other person or vehicle using the sidewalk at any time.
A bicyclist, skater or skateboarder must give an audible warning before passing another person, pedestrian, bicyclist or user of any mode on the sidewalk. Said warning may be produced by voice, bell, whistle or horn and must be clearly audible. Such audible warning must be produced prior to executing the passing maneuver. The passer is responsible for safely passing other users on the sidewalk.
Any bicyclist using a sidewalk shall travel to the right side of the sidewalk as is safe, except while overtaking and passing another user going in the same direction.
Any bicyclist using a sidewalk from one half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise must be equipped with or carry lights. Bicyclists shall have a headlight visible from 500 feet to the front and a red or amber light visible from 500 feet to the rear.
Every person operating a bicycle on a sidewalk shall obey the instructions of any official traffic control sign or device applicable thereto placed in accordance with applicable laws or regulations unless otherwise directed by a police officer.
No person shall park, abandon, chain, lock or otherwise leave any bicycle or scooter other than at a designated rack. Under no circumstances shall bicycles or scooters be attached to trees, street signs, light poles, waste receptacles or furniture.
No person shall operate any motorized bicycle, hoverboard, motorized scooter or other motor-powered vehicle on any sidewalk or upon the Town Square Area as defined in Chapter 138, the Mansfield Town Square Ordinance, § 138-4.
No person shall operate or ride any skateboard on any stone wall, retaining wall, railings, stairways, furniture, planting beds, lawn areas or pavers.
No person shall operate or ride any bicycle on any stone wall, retaining wall, railing, stairway, furniture, planting bed or lawn area.
No person shall operate or ride any hoverboard, skateboard, skates or bike in any parking garage. Bicyclists who utilize bicycle racks in any parking garage shall walk bicycles in the parking garage.
Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to prohibit wheelchairs or other mobility devices utilized by disabled persons.
Any person violating the provisions of this Article III may be issued a citation by a police officer or a Town official or employee or agent designated in writing by the Town Manager to issue such citations. Such citation shall inform the person named therein of the allegations against him or her and that the amount of the fine shall be $90. The citation shall also inform the offender that the fine must be paid within 10 days of the date of the citation, that the fine will double if not paid by the due date, that the Town may initiate proceedings under the authority of Connecticut General Statutes Section 7-152c and Chapter 129 of this Code of the Town of Mansfield, the Hearing Procedure for Citations Ordinance, to collect the fine, and that the alleged offender may appeal the citation and fine pursuant to Section 129-10 of said Hearing Procedure for Citations Ordinance.