Town of Canton, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of Canton 10-1-1973 by Ord. No. 110. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Pursuant to the provisions of §§ 8-40 and 8-41 of the General Statutes, it is hereby found that there is a shortage of safe or sanitary dwelling accommodations in the Town of Canton available to elderly families of low and moderate income at rentals they can afford.
It is hereby declared that a need exists for a housing authority in the Town of Canton.
A housing authority to be known as the "Housing Authority of the Town of Canton" (hereinafter referred to as "Authority") be and hereby is established pursuant to §§ 8-40 and 8-41 of the General Statutes.
The Authority shall be vested with all the powers provided in Chapter 128 of the General Statutes.
The Authority shall be authorized to transact business and to exercise its powers on the date this chapter becomes effective.
[Amended 12-14-2011]
The Authority shall consist of five persons appointed by the Board of Selectmen, which persons shall be hereinafter referred to as "Commissioners." Commissioners shall be residents of the Town of Canton. At least one of the Commissioners shall be a tenant who lives in housing owned or managed by such Authority in accordance with § 8-41 of the General Statutes. The term of each Commissioner shall be five years, except that with respect to the initial appointment, four of the five Commissioners shall be appointed for the term of one, two, three, and four years, respectively, so that the term of one Commissioner shall expire at the end of each year. A vacancy occurring because of a change of residence by a Commissioner, removal of a Commissioner, resignation, or death shall be filled by the Board of Selectmen for the unexpired portion of the term. No Commissioner may hold any public office in the Town of Canton. A certificate of the appointment or reappointment of any Commissioner shall be filed with the Town Clerk and shall be conclusive evidence of the legal appointment of such Commissioner, after he has taken the oath of office as prescribed in § 1-25 of the General Statutes. Three Commissioners shall constitute a quorum. Action may be taken by the Authority upon a vote of not less than a majority of the Commissioners present, unless the bylaws of the Authority require a larger number.
[Amended 12-14-2011]
The Board of Selectmen shall designate which of the Commissioners shall be the first Chairman, but when the office of Chairman of the Authority becomes vacant, the Authority shall select a Chairman from among its Commissioners. The Authority shall select from among its Commissioners a Vice Chairman and Secretary who shall be executive directors; provided, however, that the Authority may abolish the office of Secretary at such time as other arrangements are made for another executive director and at such time there shall be created the position of recording secretary to be selected by the Authority. The authority may hire such personnel as it deems proper and purchase such equipment as it shall reasonably require, and all such personnel shall receive wages and benefits as established by the Authority within the budget approved by the Board of Finance and Town Meeting.
No Commissioner or employee of the Authority shall acquire any interest, direct or indirect, in any housing project or in any property included or planned to be included in any project, nor shall he have any interest, direct or indirect, in any contract or proposed contract for materials or services to be furnished or used in connection with any housing project. If any Commissioner or employee of the Authority owns or controls an interest, direct or indirect, in any property included or planned to be included in any housing project, he shall immediately disclose the same in writing to the Authority, and such a disclosure shall be entered upon the minutes of the Authority. Failure so to disclose such interest shall constitute misconduct in office.[1]
Editor's Note: Original § 8, Removal of Commissioners, which immediately followed this section, was deleted 12-14-2011.
The facilities and services of the various agencies and departments of the Town of Canton shall be available to the Authority as it may reasonably require.