Village of Mill Neck, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In all districts in which the types of buildings and uses specified hereinafter are permitted by this chapter, off-street parking and off-street loading facilities in connection with uses hereafter commenced or buildings hereafter erected or altered shall be provided in an amount not less than hereinafter specified.
Required off-street parking. The amount of required off-street parking facilities as set forth in this section shall be not less than the following:
Type of Building or Usea
Number of Spaces Requiredb
Single-family dwelling
2 per dwelling unit
Academic schoold
1 per classroom plus 1 per office plus off-street loading area for pupils
1 per 4 seats
1 for each 3 members
1 per classroom plus 1 per office plus off-street loading area for students
Recreation area
1 per 5 persons anticipated at time of peak use
Auditorium (school and college)
1 per 4 seats; if seats not fixed, 1 per 100 square feet floor area
Monastery; convent; novitiate
1 per classroom, plus 1 per office
a In the above schedule, the term "type of building or use" shall also include buildings or uses similar to those listed.
b For the purpose of this section, "floor area" shall mean the gross floor area of the particular use or floor area devoted to rooms for human occupancy, service or assembly, as the case may be; the term "floor area" shall not include permanent storage area or space used for toilets, rest rooms or utilities.
c In the above schedule, any building or use so noted shall provide one parking space for each two employees at peak shift, in addition to the space required by said schedule.
d In the above schedule, any building or use so noted which has an auditorium, assembly hall or similar use shall also provide parking space equivalent in the aggregate to the requirements for an auditorium in the schedule.
For the purposes of this section, "one parking space" shall mean an area of not less than 200 square feet, exclusive of drives or aisles giving access thereto, for the parking of an automobile. When the computation to determine the number of required spaces results in a requirement of a fractional space, any fraction up to and including 1/2 shall be disregarded and fractions over 1/2 shall require one parking space.
In the case of a use not listed in the schedule, the requirements for off-street parking for a use listed and to which said use is similar shall apply. In the case of mixed uses, the requirements shall be the sum of the various uses computed separately, and off-street parking for one such use shall not be considered as providing required spaces for any other use, except as otherwise specified hereinbelow.
Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent collective provision of off-street parking facilities for two or more buildings or uses, subject to §§ 129-90 through 129-95, provided that the total spaces shall be not less than the sum of the requirements for the separate uses in accordance with the schedule, except that when the Board of Appeals finds that the two uses are occupied or used at different times of the day or week, it may approve the number of spaces prescribed for the use with the greatest requirements.
The off-street parking space required for single-family dwellings may be located in a private driveway or accessory garage. In all districts, the off-street parking facilities required for the uses specified in this section and for other similar uses shall be on the same lot or parcel of land as the building or use they are intended to serve.
The design and layout of any off-street parking facility, except for single dwellings, shall be approved pursuant to §§ 129-90 through 129-95 prior to issuance of a permit. The following shall apply to off-street parking, except parking accessory to a single-family dwelling:
All off-street parking facilities required by this section shall be paved, drained and maintained by the owner or lessee, in accordance with specifications of the Village, and such facilities shall be arranged for convenient access and safety of pedestrians and vehicles. In the interest of safety, such facilities shall have adequate means of access to and egress from a street.
The paved surface of a parking area shall not extend nearer than 20 feet to any property line, and the Board of Appeals may require the applicant to install and maintain fencing and/or screen planting of a character and in such location as it may deem adequate to screen the parking area from residential property. In such locations, lighting installations, if any, shall be arranged so as to avoid reflection and glare into the abutting or opposite residence property.
No required open space in an off-street parking facility shall be encroached upon by buildings, storage or any other use, nor shall the required number of parking spaces be reduced, except upon formal approval of the Board of Appeals and then only after proof that, by reason of diminution in floor area, seating capacity or change in other requirements, the proposed reduction is reasonable and consistent with public convenience and safety.
For any building or premises used for educational, institutional or similar purposes, the Board of Appeals shall determine the requirements, if any, in addition to off-street parking, for areas needed to accommodate off-street loading of goods and materials. Whenever, in the opinion of the Board, separate off-street loading space is required for safety and convenience, it may specify the number, location and size of berths and accessways thereto to be installed and maintained on the premises.