Town of Barnstable, MA
Barnstable County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted 4-11-1989. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The people of the Town of Barnstable, desiring to manage their affairs in an honest, forthright, and efficient manner, and wishing to participate most fully in exercising the rights and responsibilities of local government, and praying for the minimum of interference from the yet larger state, do adhere to this charter.
We assert our willingness to assume all responsibility for the conduct of matters pertaining to the town, and do by this document earnestly affirm our right as inhabitants of Barnstable, to live and grow in freedom, dignity, and tranquillity.
PART I Incorporation, Short Title, Powers

Section 1-1 Incorporation Continued.

Section 1-2 Short Title.

Section 1-3 Division of Powers.

Section 1-4 Powers of the Town.

Section 1-5 Interpretation of Powers.

Section 1-6 Intergovernmental Relations.

Section 1-7 Town Seal.

PART II Legislative Branch

Section 2-1 Composition; Eligibility; Election and Term.

Section 2-2 Council Organization.

Section 2-3 General Powers and Duties.

Section 2-4 Appointments of Multiple Member Bodies.

Section 2-5 Filling of Vacancies.

Section 2-6 Exercise of Powers; Quorum; Rules of Procedure.

Section 2-7 Council Staff.

Section 2-8 Measures; Emergency Measures; Charter Objection.

Section 2-9 Delegation of Powers.

Section 2-10 Inquiries and Investigations.

Section 2-11 Prohibitions.

Section 2-12 Compensation; Expenses.

PART III Elected Town Offices

Section 3-1 Elective Offices in General.

Section 3-2 Eligibility.

Section 3-3 School Committee.

Section 3-4 Town Clerk.

Section 3-5 Housing Authority.

Section 3-6 Filling Vacancies.

PART IV Town Manager

Section 4-1 Appointment, Qualifications, Term of Office.

Section 4-2 Powers of Appointment.

Section 4-3 Administrative Powers and Duties.

Section 4-4 Compensation.

Section 4-5 Vacancy in Office.

Section 4-6 Temporary Absence.

Section 4-7 Removal of Town Manager.

Section 4-8 Annual Review of the Town Manager.

PART V Administrative Organization

Section 5-1 Organization of Town Agencies.

Section 5-2 Personnel Administration.

PART VI Financial Procedures

Section 6-1 Annual Budget Policy.

Section 6-2 Submission of Budget; Budget Message.

Section 6-3 Action of the Budget.

Section 6-4 Supplementary Budgets and Appropriations.

Section 6-5 Capital Improvements Plan.

Section 6-6 Long Term Financial Forecast.

Section 6-7 Annual Audit.

Section 6-8 Financial Management Standards.

PART VII Nominations and Elections

Section 7-1 Town Elections.

Section 7-2 Regular Election.

Section 7-3 Precincts.

Section 7-4 Application of State Laws.

PART VIII Citizen Relief Mechanisms

Section 8-1 Citizen Initiative Measures.

Section 8-2 Citizen Referendum Procedures; Referendum Petition; Effect on Final Passage.

Section 8-3 Required Voter Participation.

Section 8-4 Measures Not Subject to Initiative and Referendum.

Section 8-5 Submission of Proposed Measure to Voters.

Section 8-6 Measures with Conflicting Provisions.

Section 8-7 Free Petition.

Section 8-8 Recall of Elected Office Holders.

Section 8-9 Open Meeting of the Voters.

Article IX General Provisions

Section 9-1 Charter Revision or Amendment.

Section 9-2 Severability.

Section 9-3 Rules of Interpretation.

Section 9-4 Definitions.

Section 9-5 Removal of Member of Multiple Member Bodies.

Article X Transitional Provisions

Section 10-1 Continuation of Existing Laws.

Section 10-2 Existing Officials and Employees.

Section 10-3 Continuation of Government.

Section 10-4 Continuation of Obligations.

Section 10-5 Transfer of Records and Property.

Section 10-6 Authority to Reorganize.

Section 10-7 Time of Taking Effect.