City of Beacon, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Council of the City of Beacon 11-7-1989 by L.L. No. 9-1989, passed at a referendum held 11-7-1989. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Article 1 Title; Powers of City; Boundaries

Sec. 1.00 Short title.

Sec. 1.02 Purpose.

Sec. 1.04 Corporate name.

Sec. 1.06 Powers of the city.

Sec. 1.07 Authorization to sell or convey city-owned property.

Sec. 1.08 Vested rights and duties.

Sec. 1.10 Construal.

Sec. 1.12 Intergovernmental relations.

Sec. 1.16 Boundaries of the wards.

Article 2 City Council

Sec. 2.00 Composition; eligibility; election; terms.

Sec. 2.02 Compensation and expenses.

Sec. 2.04 Mayor.

Sec. 2.06 Prohibitions.

Sec. 2.08 Vacancies in elective office.

Sec. 2.10 Judge of qualifications.

Sec. 2.12 Inquiries and investigations.

Sec. 2.14 Independent audits.

Sec. 2.16 Procedures.

Sec. 2.18 Action requiring an ordinance or local law.

Sec. 2.20 Ordinances in general.

Sec. 2.22 Franchises.

Sec. 2.24 Emergency ordinance.

Sec. 2.26 Publication of ordinances and resolutions.

Article 3 Mayor; Administrator

Sec. 3.00 Powers and duties of Mayor.

Sec. 3.01 Acting City Administrator.

Sec. 3.02 City Administrator.

Sec. 3.04 Removal of Administrator.

Sec. 3.05 Acting Mayor.

Article 4 Administrative Departments

Sec. 4.00 General provisions.

Sec. 4.02 City Attorney.

Sec. 4.04 City Clerk.

Sec. 4.06 Department of Finance.

Sec. 4.08 Department of Public Works.

Sec. 4.10 Fire Department.

Sec. 4.10.1 Fire and Inspection Coordinator.

Sec. 4.12 Police Department.

Sec. 4.14 Office of Assessor.

Sec. 4.16 City Officers.

Article 5 Financial Procedures

Sec. 5.00 Fiscal year.

Sec. 5.02 Submission of budget and budget message.

Sec. 5.04 Budget message.

Sec. 5.06 Budget.

Sec. 5.08 Capital program and action.

Sec. 5.10 Amendments after adoption.

Sec. 5.12 Administration of budget.

Sec. 5.14 Public moneys.

Sec. 5.16 No liability without appropriation.

Sec. 5.18 Unlawful to incur expense unless appropriation made.

Article 6 Planning

Sec. 6.00 Comprehensive Plan.

Sec. 6.02 Implementation of Comprehensive Plan.

Sec. 6.04 Planning Board.

Sec. 6.06 Zoning Board of Appeals.

Article 7 Nominations and Elections

Sec. 7.00 Regular election.

Sec. 7.02 Nominations and elections.

Sec. 7.04 Qualification of voters.

Sec. 7.06 Procedures for elections.

Article 8 Finances, Taxation, Local Assessments and Improvements

Sec. 8.00 Indebtedness and taxation.

Sec. 8.02 Bond referendum.

Sec. 8.04 Notice of adoption.

Sec. 8.06 Referendum procedures.

Sec. 8.08 Notice of referendum.

Sec. 8.10 Exceptions to referendum.

Sec. 8.12 State and county taxes.

Article 9 General Provisions

Sec. 9.00 Personal financial interest.

Sec. 9.02 Prohibitions.

Sec. 9.04 Charter review.

Sec. 9.06 Amendment or repeal.

Sec. 9.08 Penalty for violation.

Sec. 9.10 Limitation of actions against city.

Article 10 Transitional Provisions

Sec. 10.00 Charter replacement.

Sec. 10.02 Transitional provisions.

Sec. 10.04 Rights of officers and employees.

Sec. 10.06 Transfer of officers and employees.

Sec. 10.08 Transfer of powers.

Sec. 10.10 Severability.

Sec. 10.12 Effect of Charter on existing provisions.

Sec. 10.14 Repealer and savings clause.

Sec. 10.16 Effective date of new Charter.

Sec. 10.18 Code review task force.

Article 11 Collection of Taxes

Sec. 11.00 Levy and collection of taxes.

Sec. 11.02 Procedures for enforcement of collection of delinquent taxes.