City of Beacon, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Creation of departments. The Council may establish city departments, offices or agencies in addition to those created by this Charter and may prescribe the functions of all departments, offices and agencies.
Personnel system. All appointments and promotions of city officers and employees shall be made solely on the basis of merit and fitness demonstrated by examination or other evidence of competence, and according to the provisions and requirements of the Civil Service Law.
Salaries. The Mayor shall fix reasonable salaries of all department heads and nonelected, nonaffiliated personnel, within the budgetary limits set by the Council.
The Mayor and City Council shall approve in advance the creation of all employment positions within the City of Beacon, by roll call vote. Prior to such vote, the Mayor shall provide the Council with the position title, rate of pay, description of duties to be performed and the planned date of hire.
The City Attorney shall be a law firm or an attorney and counselor at law, duly licensed to practice law in the State of New York for at least five (5) years prior to appointment. The City Attorney shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council. The City Attorney shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor for a term that shall not exceed four (4) years and shall commence with the appointment of the Mayor at the beginning of the Mayor's term of office. The City Attorney shall be the legal advisor of the Mayor and Council and all city departments, boards and commissions. The City Attorney shall conduct all cases in court wherein the City shall be a party plaintiff or defendant or a party in interest and shall perform such other duties as are required by law.
The City Clerk shall:
Perform all duties assigned to the position by law, unless modified in the City Code, and such other duties as requested by the City Administrator.
Act as the City's custodian of records, the Records Access Officer, and receive all documents filed with the City.
Be the depositor and custodian for all performance bonds.
Give notice of all City Council meetings to members and the public, and shall be the custodian of the journal of its proceedings.
Act as the City Registrar and issue dog licenses.
File all propositions submitted to the citizens of Beacon, together with the affidavits of publication and posting thereof as required in the Code of Ordinances and resolutions adopted by the City Council.
File such other reports, records, oaths, documents and instruments as are required to be filed by the laws of the State of New York and the provisions of the Beacon Code of Ordinances and City Charter.
There shall be a Department of Finance, the head of which shall be the Director of Finance, which shall be responsible for the management and disbursement of all City revenues and other assets. The individual so appointed to the position of Director of Finance shall have attained certification as a certified public accountant, or shall have a graduate degree in law, business, or public administration with a minimum of five years of experience in public finance; or shall possess equivalent qualifications, certification and experience necessary to perform the duties of the office. Whether a candidate meets the requisite experience and qualifications to serve as Director of Finance shall be determined by the City Administrator.
There shall be a Public Works Department as organized.
The Fire Department shall be organized and staffed as set forth in City Code Chapter 31 and any amendments thereto. There shall be a full-time Fire Chief, who shall be a paid employee of the City appointed by the Mayor, subject to the consent of the Council. There shall also be one (1) or more unpaid Assistant Fire Chiefs, to be known as First Assistant Fire Chief and so on, who shall be appointed from the ranks of the volunteer firefighters pursuant to the provisions set forth in City Code § 31-9 and any amendments thereto.
The executive head of the Police Department shall be the Chief of Police, who shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of a majority of the Council, pursuant to the Civil Service Law.
The Assessor shall be appointed by the Mayor with consent of a majority of the Council for a term as provided by the New York Real Property Tax Law. The office of Assessor shall meet the qualification standards set forth in the Real Property Tax Law.