Town of Blackstone, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
All boards, commissions, committees and departments shall submit their budgets to the Town accountant not less than 10 working days before January 31. The Town Accountant shall at once make these budgets available to the Town Administrator and to the Finance Committee.
Any person holding an appointive or elective office may resign his office by filing a resignation with the Town Clerk, and such resignation shall be effective immediately, unless a time certain is specified therein when it shall take effect.
Any person appointed to an office, board, commission or committee may be removed for cause by the appointing authority. Where the appointing authority consists of three positions a majority vote of the full membership shall be required for removal of an appointee. Where the appointing authority consists of five positions, a vote of four members for removal shall be required to remove the appointee. Removal procedures for individual positions specified by the General Laws shall supersede those in this section if a difference exists.
Elections and appointments to all boards, commissions and committees consisting of more than one member and where terms are greater than one year shall be made in a manner that all terms of all incumbents do not expire in the same year. Wherever possible, an equal number of members of each board, commission and committee shall come to the end of their terms of office in each year.
Town Meeting approval for appointive positions, as set forth in § C4-2 of this Charter, shall not be required for positions established before the date this Charter becomes effective. Said positions shall continue to be established unless discontinued by Town Meeting or other legitimate authority.
Definitions. Where they appear in this Charter, the following terms shall be explained as follows:
Town of Blackstone.
Word usage. "He" shall mean "he or she," "him" shall mean "him or her;" and "himself" shall mean "himself or herself."
Where provisions of this Charter conflict with provisions of Town bylaws, rules, regulations, orders and special laws the Charter provisions shall govern. All provisions of Town bylaws, rules, regulations, orders and special laws not superseded by this Charter shall remain in force.
If any provisions of this Charter are held invalid, the other provisions of the Charter shall not be affected thereby. If the application of the Charter or any of its provisions to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the application of this Charter and its provisions to other persons and circumstances shall not be affected thereby.
To the extent that any specific provision of this Charter shall conflict with any provision expressed in general terms, the specific provision shall prevail.
Copies of this Charter and the Town bylaws shall be made available for purchase by the general public in the office of the Town Clerk. An amount not to exceed the actual cost per copy may be charged. The Town Clerk shall republish the Town bylaws to reflect changes adopted since the last date of publication at intervals not to exceed five years in duration.
All elected and appointed officials shall be qualified by the Town Clerk within 15 days of their election except where a different period is specified in the General Laws. If an appointed official is not qualified in this period his appointment shall terminate and the appointing authority shall be so notified by the Town Clerk.
Amendments to this Charter relating in any way to the composition of the Town Meeting or the composition or mode of election or terms of office of the Board of Selectmen may be proposed only by a Charter Commission elected under Chapter 43B of the General Laws.
Amendments to the Charter relating to other matters may be proposed by a two-thirds vote at a duly called Town meeting in accordance with said General Law.
Proposed amendments under this Charter shall be acted upon by ballot of the whole Town at a regular or special election of Town officers in accordance with the General Laws.
Terms of appointment shall end on June 30 except for appointments whose terms are specified by General Law.
All Town officials who receive remuneration shall be compensated in an amount approved annually by Town Meeting.
The Town Seal in existence at the time this Charter is adopted, unless the Town Meeting shall adopt another, shall continue to be the Town Seal and shall be kept in the custody of the Town Clerk. Papers or documents issued from any office or board of the Town may be attested by use of said Seal.
Unless otherwise specified by the General Laws all fees or other revenues collected by a Town officer or employee other than constables shall be paid into the treasury of the Town and shall not accrue to the benefit of any individual.