City of Oneonta, NY
Otsego County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by referendum of the voters of the City of Oneonta 11-8-2011[1]. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Editor’s Note: This City Charter also superseded former Ch. C, Oneonta City Charter, incorporated by Chapter 454 of the Laws of 1908; revised by L.L. No. 1-1964, as amended.
Article I City of Oneonta and Its Government

§ C-1 Title and purpose.

§ C-2 Definitions.

§ C-3 City status, powers and duties.

§ C-4 Effect on state laws.

§ C-5 Effect on local laws, ordinances and resolutions.

§ C-6 City boundaries.

§ C-7 Ward boundaries.

§ C-8 Civil and fiscal year.

Article II Elective Officers

§ C-9 Terms.

§ C-10 Salaries.

§ C-11 Residency.

§ C-12 Oaths.

§ C-13 City Court.

Article III City Officers and Employees

§ C-14 City officers designated generally.

§ C-15 Mayor.

§ C-16 City Manager.

§ C-17 Boards and commissions.

§ C-18 Eligibility to hold City offices.

§ C-19 Succession to office during disaster.

§ C-20 Terms of office of appointive City officers.

§ C-21 Compensation of city officers and boards and commissions.

§ C-22 Commencement and expiration of terms of office.

§ C-23 Filling vacancy in office.

§ C-24 Official oaths required of all City officers.

§ C-25 Official bond of City officers and employees.

§ C-26 Liability for unauthorized expenditures and other misconduct.

§ C-27 Time of meeting of all boards and commissions.

§ C-28 Annual reports of boards and commissions.

Article IV Legislative Branch

§ C-29 Common Council constituted.

§ C-30 Appointment of City Manager.

§ C-31 Legislative powers.

§ C-32 Actions requiring enactment by ordinance or local law.

§ C-33 Procedure for adoption of ordinances by Common Council.

§ C-34 Mayoral approval of ordinances and local laws.

§ C-35 Effective date of ordinances and resolutions.

§ C-36 Licensing occupations.

§ C-37 Violation of ordinances and local laws.

§ C-38 Possession, disposition and control of real and personal property.

§ C-39 Official newspaper.

§ C-40 Salaries of Council Members.

§ C-41 Approval by Common Council of contracts awarded on public bid.

§ C-42 Redistricting.

§ C-43 Claims for damages; place of trial of actions; proceedings.

Article V Finances

§ C-44 Budget planning and preparation.

§ C-45 Five-year capital plan.

§ C-46 Common Council action on budget.

§ C-47 Budget transfer after adoption of budget.

Article VI Administrative Departments

§ C-48 General provisions.

§ C-49 Department of Finance.

§ C-50 Department of the City Clerk.

§ C-51 Department of Law.

§ C-52 Department of Personnel.

§ C-53 Department of Assessment.

§ C-54 Department of Engineering.

§ C-55 Police Department.

§ C-56 Fire Department.

§ C-57 Department of Public Transportation.

§ C-58 Department of Central Garage.

§ C-59 Department of Community Development.

Article VII Board of Public Service

§ C-60 Board established.

§ C-61 Meetings; notice of special meetings of Board.

§ C-62 Scope of authority of the Board of Public Service.

§ C-63 Sale of water outside City limits.

§ C-64 Rights to use streets and highways.

Article VIII Department of Public Libraries

§ C-65 City Public Library District.

§ C-66 Name of library designated.

§ C-67 Board of Library Trustees constituted.

§ C-68 General powers of Board of Library Trustees.

§ C-69 Appointment, term of trustees.

§ C-70 Organization; powers designated of Board of Library Trustees.

§ C-71 Annual reports of library trustees.

§ C-72 Procedure for financing operations, expenses.

Article IX Application of Charter

§ C-73 Adoption of Charter; effective date.

§ C-74 Amendment and revision of Charter.

§ C-75 Continuity of authority; completion of unfinished business.

§ C-76 Transition.

§ C-77 Severability.

§ C-78 Dates.