Township of Montville, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted by Ord. No. 1308 as Ch. 1.04 of the 1998 Code]
For the purpose of this article and for the interpretation of any law, ordinance or resolution applicable to the Township, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
An ordinance providing, subject to the Charter, for the organization or administration of the Township government, for the exercise or discharge of its functions, powers and duties and for the management or control of its property, affairs or government.
The Township Administrator duly appointed pursuant to the Charter.
The Act adopted by the State Legislature and approved by the Governor entitled "An Act to Provide a Special Charter for the Township of Montville in the County of Morris," known as "Chapter 95 of the Laws of 1974," and all statutory provisions of the State of New Jersey which are now or may hereafter be applicable specifically to the Township of Montville.[1]
The governing body of the Township, constituted and elected pursuant to the Charter.
An administrative organizational unit for the Township government established or designated by or pursuant to the Charter.
Any law or provision of law, not inconsistent with the Charter or this chapter, heretofore or hereafter enacted which is by its terms applicable or available to all municipalities, and the following additional laws whether or not such additional laws are so applicable or available to all municipalities: legislation relating to taxation, local courts, education, health, public authorities serving more than one municipality and municipalities in unsound financial condition.
The Township of Montville within the boundaries now existing or which may hereafter be established pursuant to law.
Editor's Note: The Charter is included towards the beginning of this Township Code.
In addition to such powers as may otherwise be conferred by the Charter, the Township may:
Organize and regulate its internal affairs, and establish, alter and abolish offices, positions and employments and define the functions, powers and duties thereof and fix their term, tenure and compensation.
Adopt and enforce ordinances and impose penalties for violation thereof, by fine or imprisonment, or both, as such sanctions are authorized by general law.
Construct, acquire, operate or maintain any and all public improvements, projects or enterprises for any public purpose, subject to referendum requirements otherwise imposed by law.
Sue and be sued; have a corporate seal; contract and be contracted with; buy, sell, lease, hold and dispose of real and personal property; appropriate and expend moneys; and adopt, amend and repeal such ordinances and resolutions as may be required for the management of the Township and the good government thereof.
Exercise all powers of condemnation, borrowing and taxation in the manner provided by general law.
Exercise all powers of local government in such manner as the Township Committee may determine.
The general grant of municipal power contained in the Charter is intended to confer the greatest powers of local self-government consistent with the Constitution of this state. No specific enumeration of municipal powers contained in the Charter shall be construed in any way to limit the general description of powers contained in this article, and any such specifically enumerated municipal powers shall be construed as in addition and supplementary to the powers conferred in general terms by this article. All grants of power to the Township, whether in the form of specific enumeration or general terms, shall be liberally construed, as required by the Constitution of this state, in favor of the Township.