Village of Brockport, NY
Monroe County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 12-7-1970]
Preliminary layouts submitted to the Planning Board shall be drawn to a convenient scale, not less than one inch equals 50 feet, and shall show the following information:
The location of the property with respect to surrounding property and streets. There shall also be included an area map at a scale of one inch equals 400 feet, showing all streets and property within 1,000 feet of the applicant's property. All property held by the applicant in the area should be identified.
The location and approximate dimensions of all existing property lines, including the entire area proposed to be subdivided and remainder of the tract owned by the subdividing owner.
All pertinent features, such as existing structures, streets, railroads, water bodies, streams, swamps, large trees and all existing utilities, that may influence the design of the subdivision and topography at a contour interval of not more than five feet for both actual and proposed contours, unless waived by the Planning Board.
The location, width and approximate grade of all proposed streets. Approximate elevations shall be shown at the beginning and end of each street, at street intersections and at all points where there is a decided change in the slope or direction.
The approximate location, dimensions and area of all proposed or existing lots.
The approximate location, dimensions and area of all property proposed to be set aside for playground or park use.
The names of all adjoining property owners of record or the names of adjoining developments.
The name and address of the owner or owners of land to be subdivided, the name and address of the subdivider, if other than the owner, and the name of the landscape architect and/or licensed professional engineer and licensed land surveyor responsible for the preparation of the sketch layout and preliminary information.
The date, approximate true North point and scale.
Proposed provision of water supply, fire protection, disposal of sanitary waste, stormwater drainage, street trees, streetlighting fixtures, street signs and sidewalks, data on which must be available for consideration at this stage.
Subdivision plats shall be accompanied by separate construction detail sheets, and both shall be submitted to the Planning Board for approval, as follows:
Drawing, scale and size of plat and construction detail sheets. The subdivision plat and construction detail sheets shall be clearly and legibly drawn on transparent linen tracing cloth with black waterproof ink. The plans and profiles shall be drawn at a scale not smaller than one inch equals 60 feet. Maps shall be on uniform-size sheets, not larger than 36 by 48 inches. Whenever any project is of such size that more than one sheet is required, then an index map on the same size sheet shall accompany these sheets.
[Amended 12-7-1970]
Information to be shown on plat. Plat shall show the following information:
Proposed subdivision name or identifying title, which shall not duplicate or too closely approximate that of any other development in the Village.
Date, approximate true North point and scale.
Name, address and signature of owner, subdivider, licensed professional engineer and a licensed land surveyor.
[Amended 12-7-1970]
Names of owners of record of abutting properties or developments.
Locations, names and widths of existing streets, highways and easements, building lines, parks and other public properties.
Locations and widths of all streets and sidewalks, together with names of streets and location, dimensions and status of all easements proposed by the subdivider.
Lot areas in square feet.
Lot lines with accurate dimensions and bearings of angles.
Sufficient data to determine readily the location, bearing and length of all lines, and to reproduce such lines upon the ground.
Radii of all curves and lengths of arcs.
Location, material and approximate size of all monuments.
The accurate outline of all property which is offered or to be offered for dedication for public use, with the purpose indicated thereon, and of all property that is proposed to be reserved by deed covenant for the common use of the property owners of the subdivision.
Construction detail sheets. Construction detail sheets shall show the following information, except that, where requirements have been waived, applicable specifications may be omitted.
Profiles showing existing and proposed elevations along the center lines of all streets, where a proposed street intersects an existing street or streets, the elevation along the center line of the existing street or streets within 100 feet of the intersection shall be shown. All elevations must be referred to established United States government or approved local bench marks, where they exist within 1/2 mile of the boundary of the subdivision.
The Planning Board may require, where steep slopes exist, that present elevation of all proposed streets shall be shown every 100 feet at five points on a line at right angles to the center line of the street, and said elevation points shall be at (a) the center line of the street; (b) each property line; and (c) points 30 feet inside each property line.
Plans and profiles showing the location and a typical section of street pavements, including curbs and gutters, manholes and catch basins; the location of street trees, streetlighting standards and street signs; the location, size and invert elevations of existing and proposed sanitary sewers, stormwater drains, and fire hydrants; and the exact location and size of all water, gas or other underground utilities or structures.