Town of Greenwich, NY
Washington County
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[Adopted 3-10-1998]
All employees in a position of supervision within the Town of Greenwich are charged with the responsibility of taking prompt appropriate action upon receiving a discrimination claim. Taking appropriate action must be twofold:
Proper notification to the Town Supervisor when a possible incident of discrimination is reported. An employee's supervisor is responsible for notifying the Town Supervisor of the problem and current status. In all cases, the Town Supervisor must advise the employee's supervisor, if he or she has not reported the incident to the Town Supervisor, that an incident of discrimination has been reported in his or her department. If that supervisor has any known conflict or involvement regarding the alleged incident then the Town Supervisor need not notify such supervisor.
Proper investigation and remedy of the incident.
Once the claim is made either in writing or verbally to a supervisor or to the Town Supervisor, he or she must obtain information about the alleged discrimination from the victim. The supervisor or Town Supervisor must ask for detailed facts about when the alleged incident occurred, including what was said, what action occurred, and what conduct the alleged victim considers discriminatory. The supervisor or Town Supervisor must get a list of all witnesses or those who have knowledge of the incident.
Upon obtaining the information from the alleged victim an investigation must begin with guidance of the Town Supervisor. The person conducting the investigation must interview all purported witnesses or those who may have knowledge of the incident. This investigation process must be documented as it proceeds. Immediate and appropriate corrective action must be taken where necessary to protect both the victim and to discipline the person who acted in a discriminatory manner. The corrective action shall reflect the severity of the conduct. The documentation of the investigation process must be segregated from both employees' personnel files, unless it is concluded that the discrimination occurred and discipline is imposed. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the time period from report of the incident to imposition of the discipline shall not exceed 30 days.
The victim shall be reassured that no retaliation will be permitted and to contact the supervisor or the Town Supervisor if similar incidents reoccur. The victim need not be informed of the nature of the discipline imposed, except he/she must be informed that the matter has been investigated, that appropriate action has been taken and the employer expects that it will not occur again.
It is the responsibility of all who have been notified of the incident of discrimination to conduct a follow-up inquiry to ensure the discrimination has not resumed and the victim has not suffered any retaliation by the harasser.