Borough of Lehighton, PA
Carbon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In cases where a builder or developer desires to install sewers, laterals and building sewers to every housing unit within a housing development prior to their individual sale, he shall meet all conditions as set forth in this section and in other sections of this Part 1.
Plot plans for such a development must be submitted to the Borough, which must include a provision for a maintenance bond, protecting the Borough and the Authority against defect for two years subsequent to completion, in an amount not less than 20% of the cost of installation, and which must also include a covenant to convey to the Authority the sewers so constructed, other than building sewers, when said sewers are connected to the sewer system. Said plans must be approved by the Borough and the Authority prior to any construction.
Sewer plans conforming to all original specifications established by the Borough as to type of pipe, location of mains, size of pipe, grades, methods of laying pipe and the type of construction of all necessary appurtenances must be prepared, approved by the Borough and the Authority and with approval obtained from the necessary state agencies. The engineering fees and charges for review, approval and issuance of permits will be paid by the builder or developer. In no case will lesser standards than exist in the sewer system presently to be constructed and as outlined in this Part 1 be permitted for any future extensions.
Upon approval of such plans by the Borough, the Authority and the necessary state agencies, the extensions may be constructed by and at the expense of the builder or developer but only under the inspection of an inspector designated by the Borough. The cost of such inspection, including salaries and expenses, shall be borne by the builder or developer making the extensions.
After construction, it is the responsibility of the builder/developer to supply two blueline record drawings for review and acceptance by the Borough. Corrections noted on the blueline record drawings shall be incorporated on the original drawings.
Three sepia Mylar copies of the approved record drawings shall be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the approved blueline record drawings. The following statement is also required on all sepia Mylar record drawings:
These record plans have been completed and certified by __________ reflecting constructed conditions with field changes incorporated. Responsibility for accuracy of the record plans rests with the above engineer.
Engineer's Signature and Certification