Municipality of Kingston, PA
Luzerne County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 901 Rights and Liabilities of the Municipality.

The Municipality of Kingston shall own, possess, and control rights to property of every kind owned, possessed or controlled by the Borough of Kingston when this Charter takes effect. It shall be subject to all debts, liabilities, and duties of the Borough.

Section 902 Amendment.

This Charter may be amended as provided by the Pennsylvania Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law, Act 62 of 1972, as amended from time to time, or as otherwise provided by law.

Section 903 Definitions and Rules of Construction.

Where a public hearing is required by this Charter, or by ordinance, it shall consist of a special meeting held by the Council, or the Mayor, as the case may be, at which there will be only one order of business, and at which the public shall be permitted to speak on the subject specified. For required public hearings, public notice must be given at least seven (7) days prior to the calling of the meeting, by the placement of a legal advertisement in at least one newspaper circulating generally within the municipality.
Public notice of the schedule of regular meetings shall be given once for each calendar year, and shall show the regular dates and times for meetings and the place at which meetings are held. Public notice of each special meeting and of each rescheduled regular or special meeting shall be given as to the date, time, and place of each meeting as herein provided.
Public notice of the schedule of regular meetings shall consist of the placement of a legal advertisement in at elast[1] one newspaper circulating generally in the municipality not less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the time of the first regularly scheduled meeting of each year, and the posting of a copy of said notice prominently in the municipal building.
Editor's Note: So in original. Apparently should be "least."
Public notice of each special meeting and of each re-scheduled regular or special meeting shall be given as to the date, time and place of such meeting by the posting of a copy of such a notice in the municipal building no less than twenty-four (24) hours prior thereto.
Adoption of an ordinance occurs when Council has completed all action necessary prior to submission of the ordinance to the Mayor for his approval or veto.
Enactment of an ordinance occurs when it is adopted by the Council and signed by the Mayor; or it is passed by the Council by an affirmative vote of a majority plus one of the total number of Council over the veto of the Mayor; or the Mayor fails to either veto or sign a measure adopted by Council within the ten-day period provided in Section 212D of this Charter; or Council fails to act within the required period of time on those ordinances proposed by the Mayor, as outlined in this Charter, which shall become law in the absence of action by Council.
An elector is a person who is legally qualified and eligible to vote, having met the age, residency and registration requirements as set forth by law.
The masculine pronoun shall be construed to include the feminine pronoun. The singular shall be construed to be the plural whenever the context shall require.

Section 904 Guarantees of Non-Discrimination.

The municipality shall not deny to any person the enjoyment of any civil right, or discriminate against any person in the exercise of any civil right, because of race, color, religious belief, ancestry, sex or national origin.

Section 905 Authorities, Boards, and Commissions.

General. There shall be such authorities, boards, and commissions as shall be established from time to time by applicable state law or by action of the Council.
Appointments. Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, all members of authorities, boards, and commissions shall be appointed by the Mayor in accordance with Section 309 of this Charter. Upon failure of the Mayor to nominate a person to fill a vacancy within ninety (90) days after the vacancy has occurred, the Council shall make the appointment.

Section 906 Severability.

If any provision of this Charter shall be held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any other provision of this Charter, it being the intent of the electors of this municipality that the remaining provisions of this Charter be given full force and effect as completely as if such invalid provision had not been included herein.