Town of Tuxedo, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 6-23-2014 by L.L. No. 2-2014]
There are hereby established and the Town of Tuxedo is hereby divided into the classes of districts listed below:
Special Recreational
Open Space Residential
Rural Residential
Suburban Residential
Hamlet Residential
Neighborhood Business
Highway Business
Research Office
Light Industry-Office
Gaming Overlay
The boundaries of the said districts are hereby established as shown on the Zoning Map of the Town of Tuxedo, which, with all explanatory matter thereon, is hereby adopted and made a part of this chapter. A copy of said map, indicating the latest amendments, shall be kept up-to-date in the office of the Town Clerk for the use and benefit of the public.[1]
Editor's Note: For purposes of convenience, a copy of the Zoning Map is included in a pocket at the back of the paper Code. A Table of Zoning Map Amendments which lists all amendments to the map enacted subsequent to its original adoption is included as an attachment to this chapter. The Official Zoning Map is on file in the office of the Town Clerk where it is available for use and examination during regular office hours.
In determining the boundaries of districts shown on the map, the following rules shall apply:
Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following the center lines of streets, highways, waterways or railroad rights-of-way, or such lines extended, such center lines shall be construed to be such boundaries.
Where such boundaries are indicated as approximately following the property lines of parks or other publicly owned lands, such lands shall be construed to be such boundaries.
Unless otherwise shown, all district boundaries running parallel to streets shall be construed to be 300 feet back from the rights-of-way of said streets.
In all cases where a district boundary divides a lot in one ownership, and more than 50% of the area of such lot lies in the less restricted district, the regulations prescribed by this chapter for the less restricted district shall apply to such portion of the more restricted portion of said lot which lies within 30 feet of such district boundary. For purposes of this section, the more restricted district shall be deemed that district subject to regulations which prohibit the use intended to be made of said lot or require higher standards with respect to coverage, yards, screening, landscaping and similar requirements.
In all cases where a district boundary line is located not farther than 15 feet away from a lot line of record, such boundary line shall be construed to coincide with such lot line.
In all other cases where dimensions are not shown on the map, the location of boundaries shown on the map shall be determined by the use of the scale appearing thereon.
Following the effective date of this chapter:
No building shall be erected, moved, altered, rebuilt or enlarged, nor shall any land or building be used, designed or arranged to be used, for any purpose or in any manner except in conformity with all regulations, requirements and restrictions specified in this chapter for the district in which such building or land is located.
No yard or open space required in connection with any building or use shall be considered as providing a required open space for any other building on the same or any other lot.
No lot shall be formed from part of a lot already occupied by a building unless such building, all yards and open spaces connected therewith and the remaining lot comply with all requirements prescribed by this chapter for the district in which said lot is located.
Nothing contained in this chapter shall require any change in the plans, construction or designated use of a building complying with local laws in force prior to this chapter, if the following is found to exist:
A building permit or certificate of occupancy shall have been duly issued prior to the date of first publication of notice of the public hearing on this chapter; and
Within one year from the effective date of this chapter, the entire building shall have been completed in accordance with such plans as have been filed with the Town.
Any use not permitted by this chapter shall be deemed to be prohibited. Any list of prohibited uses contained in any section of this chapter shall not be deemed to be an exhaustive list, but has been included for the purposes of clarity and emphasis and to illustrate, by example, some of the uses frequently proposed that are deemed undesirable and incompatible and are thus prohibited.