Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 10-21-2008 by Ord. No. 2008:29]
No person whose date of employment begins after the effective date of this article shall receive a Township vehicle for his/her business use and/or as part of his/her compensation package. Furthermore, no employee who replaces an employee who, as of the effective date of this article, receives a Township vehicle for his/her business use and/or as part of his/her compensation package shall be entitled to receive a Township vehicle as part of his/her compensation package.
A list of the names of all employees who have Township vehicles assigned to them as of the effective date of this article and are exempt from this article solely because the Township vehicle in their possession was granted to them as a part of their compensation package and constitutes a term and condition of their employment, the loss of which would be actionable in a court of law, shall be kept on file in the Office of the Township Clerk.
Exempt from this article are emergency service personnel who rely upon authorized emergency vehicles for the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills, the Mayor, and other employees from the various departments who use Township vehicles substantially and/or wholly in the performance of their duties and in furtherance of the health, safety and welfare of the public.
Township-owned vehicles shall be used for official Township business only. Township vehicles shall be available for Township business at all times. Any municipal employee who has permission to drive a municipally owned vehicle to his/her residence shall not drive the vehicle for personal use. No other person shall be permitted to drive or be permitted to be a passenger in a Township-owned vehicle at any time, unless he/she is another Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills employee. The employee granted the use of a municipal vehicle for commuting shall not use it for any other purpose than driving to and from work. If the vehicle is used for any purpose other than Township business, the employee shall relinquish that privilege immediately. Exempt from the foregoing language regarding passenger transport are passengers transported via the Township transit system, police vehicles, emergency vehicles and those under the Department of Human Services.
All new and existing municipal vehicles shall be plainly marked or lettered "Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills, For Official Use," which marking or lettering shall be in letters placed in a contrasting color on a prominent place on the passenger and driver sides of the vehicle. All municipal vehicles shall be licensed as municipal government vehicles and shall display municipal government license plates. Vehicles used by the police for undercover/investigative purposes shall be exempted from the requirements of this subsection.
Employees to whom municipal vehicles are assigned shall be responsible for reporting any mechanical difficulties or safety defects to the department head. Assigned drivers shall be responsible for ensuring that vehicles are kept clean, in good operating condition and are serviced in accordance with a representative maintenance schedule. Employees shall be held liable for loss or damage to a municipal vehicle if the loss or damage is the result of gross negligence or reckless conduct on the part of the employee. All occupants of municipal vehicles shall wear their seat belts in compliance with N.J.S.A. 39:3-76.2. All drivers of municipal vehicles shall not use communication devices as prohibited by N.J.S.A. 39:4-97.3. It shall be the employee's responsibility to possess a valid driver's license, current vehicle registration and insurance card and ensure that the vehicle has a current inspection sticker.
The employee shall inform his/her department head within 24 hours of an event causing his/her motor vehicle license or commercial driver's license endorsement(s) to be suspended/revoked for any reason by a court of law or the Motor Vehicle Commission.
All employees operating municipal vehicles shall comply with all motor vehicle and traffic laws. Failure to comply with all motor vehicle and traffic laws may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
All motor vehicle accidents involving a municipal vehicle shall be reported to the Police Department in the location where the accident occurs. A Township internal vehicle accident report shall be prepared by the driver and his immediate supervisor, including a vehicle report with all sketches and details. Completed reports shall be submitted to the department head within 24 hours of the accident.
All Township employees, current and future, who use a Township vehicle, whether permanently assigned to them or not, shall be required to fill out an official mileage report that must be signed by them and certified to be accurate by their immediate supervisor.
The mileage report will include:
Identification of vehicle;
Name of employee using the vehicle;
Identification of department vehicle is assigned to;
Supervisor in charge of verifying vehicle information;
Beginning mileage;
Ending mileage;
Description of where the vehicle was driven to and from;
Signature of driver; and
Signature of supervisor.
Reports will be submitted on a monthly basis and maintained by the administrator in charge of the various departments.
Anyone who knowingly submits a fraudulent report may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Vehicles of the Fire Department, police vehicles and such ambulances and other vehicles as are approved by the chief administrator when operated in response to an emergency as defined by N.J.S.A. 39:1-1.
Includes all vehicles propelled otherwise than by muscular power, excepting such vehicles as run only upon rails or tracks and motorized bicycles as defined by N.J.S.A. 39:1-1.