Borough of Milton, PA
Northumberland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Milton 12-22-1993 as Ord. No. 1044; amended in its entirety 10-12-1994 by Ord No. 1053. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
The Office of Borough Manager is hereby created by the Borough of Milton.
The Manager shall be appointed by a majority of all the members of Council and he shall serve at the pleasure of the Council. He may be removed at any time by majority vote and without reasons for termination.
The Manager shall be chosen solely on the basis of his executive and administrative abilities, with special reference to his actual experience in or his knowledge of accepted practices in respect to the duties of his office as herein outlined. Qualified applicants should have a bachelor's degree in public or business administration, plus several years' experience in the same, or equivalent combination of acceptable training and experience in public or business administration. The Manager need not be a resident of the Borough of Milton or of the State of Pennsylvania at the time of his appointment but, within six months after his employment, he shall become and, during his tenure, shall remain a resident of the borough.
The Borough Council shall provide a bond as surety in the sum of $500,000 to cover the Borough Manager and all officers. The premium shall be paid by the borough.
The salary of the Borough Manager shall be fixed from time to time by the Council.
All complaints regarding services or personnel of the borough, except those of the Police Department, shall be referred to the Office of the Manager and thence to respective department heads. They shall investigate and dispose of such complaints, then shall report thereon to the Council. Complaints involving the Police Department shall be directed to the Mayor.
The Manager shall have the following powers and duties:
He shall coordinate the activities of all municipal departments not covered by other statutes.
He shall coordinate with department heads the suspension or recommendation of discharge of all employees, provided that persons covered by the civil service provisions of the Borough Code [1] and collective bargaining agreements shall be hired, suspended or discharged in accordance with such provisions. The filling of vacant positions or creation of positions must have prior approval of Council.
Editor's Note: See 71 P.S. § 741.1 et seq.
He shall prepare and submit to Council before the close of the fiscal year, or on such alternate date as Council shall determine, a budget for the next fiscal year and an explanatory budget message. In preparing the budget, the Manager shall obtain from the head of each department, agency, board or officer estimates of revenues and expenditures and other supporting data as he requests.
He shall be responsible for the administration of the budget after its adoption by the Council.
He shall hold such other municipal offices or head one or more of the municipal departments as the Council may from time to time direct in accordance with the law.
He shall attend all meetings of Council and its committees with the right to take part in the discussion and he shall receive notice of all special meetings of Council or its committees.
He shall prepare the agenda for each meeting of Council and supply facts pertinent thereto.
He shall keep Council informed as to the conduct of borough affairs; submit periodic reports on the condition of the borough finance and such other reports as the Council requests; and make such recommendations to the Council as he deems necessary.
He shall submit to Council, within two months after the close of the fiscal year, a complete report on the financial and administrative activities of the borough for the preceding year.
He shall oversee that the provisions of all franchises, leases, permits and privileges granted by the borough are observed.
He may employ, by and with the approval of Council, experts and consultants to perform work and to advise in connection with any of the functions of the borough.
He shall oversee the letting of contracts in due form of law, and he shall supervise the performance and faithful execution of the same except insofar as such duties are expressly imposed upon some other borough officer by statute.
He shall oversee that all money owed the borough is promptly paid and that proper proceedings are taken for the security and collection of all the borough's claims.
He shall oversee, in accordance with the provisions of the Borough Code, the purchase of all supplies and equipment for the various agencies, boards, departments and other offices of the borough. He shall also issue rules and regulations, subject to the approval of Council, governing the requisition and purchasing of all municipal supplies and equipment.
All complaints regarding services or personnel of the borough, except those of the Police Department, shall be referred to the office of the Administrator and thence to the respective department heads. They shall investigate and dispose of such complaints, then shall report thereon to the Council. Complaints involving the Police Department shall be directed to the Mayor.
He shall develop, in conjunction with the respective department heads, the preparation of the long-range yearly budget and long-range fiscal plans for the municipality. Such plans should be presented annually to Council for its review and adoption.
He shall prepare short-term and long-term objectives for recommendation to Council, prepare plans and programs to attain objectives approved by Council and set project priorities as approved.
He shall investigate and present recommendations to Council concerning state and federal programs.
He shall attend and participate at state conventions and professional association meetings as approved by Council.
He shall maintain professional affiliations and keep abreast of new developments in the field.
He, along with respective borough officers and commissions, shall meet with land developers, business developers and groups involved in economic developments.
He, department heads and officers may prepare news releases concerning day-to-day operations of the borough.
He shall maintain public relations contacts with residents.
In coordination with department heads, he shall develop and update a training program for municipal employees, except for the Police Department which is under the jurisdiction of the Mayor.
He shall, in conjunction with all department heads, develop and administer personnel policies, procedures and programs to maximize employee potential.
He shall oversee a preventive maintenance program for borough equipment and buildings, as well as specifications for purchase of major equipment. In the Police Department such matters are overseen by the Mayor.
He shall assume some leadership in community affairs and community development.
He shall have additional duties, responsibilities and tasks as directed by the Borough Council.
Neither the Council nor any of its committees or members thereof shall dictate or attempt to dictate the hiring, suspending or transferring of any person by the Borough Manager, except as required to do so by the civil service provisions of the Borough Code. [1]
Editor's Note: See 71 P.S. § 741.1 et seq.
Recommendations for the discharge of an employee shall be made to Council with reasons therefor. In-house grievances shall proceed as contractually designated for all union members.
Nonunion supervisory personnel shall report first to the Director of his unit and then to the Borough Manager, with the exception of the Police Department, which reports directly to the Mayor. If a nonunion employee feels that he has been unjustly disciplined or recommended for termination, he may request a meeting with the Council. The discipline or termination recommendation shall be ratified or reversed after a meeting of the entire Council. Neither Council nor any of its committees or members shall give orders, publicly or privately, to any subordinates of the Manager.
If the Manager becomes ill or needs to be absent from the borough, he shall recommend, with Council's approval, one qualified member of his staff who shall perform the duties of the Manager during his absence or disability. The person so designated shall not perform these duties for a period longer that two weeks without the approval of the Council.
All ordinances or resolutions, or parts of ordinances or resolutions, insofar as they are inconsistent herewith, be and the same are hereby repealed, including Ordinance No. 355, enacted February 5, 1954; Ordinance No. 980, enacted November 16, 1988; and Ordinance No. 985, enacted March 15, 1989.[1]
Editor's Note: these ordinances comprised the former Ch. 41, Manager, Borough.
Whenever in this chapter a masculine pronoun is used, it includes the feminine.
There shall be a six-month probationary period followed by a performance review prior to full appointment. Such evaluation shall be conducted yearly by the Executive Committee of Council and the Mayor.