Township of Mansfield, NJ
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Mansfield by Ord. No. 1-76 (§ 2-12 of the 1975 General Ordinances). Amendments noted where applicable.]

§ 11-1 Bill of demand.

Any person claiming payment from the Township shall present a detailed bill of demand to the Township Clerk, duly certified.

§ 11-2 Certification of material.

It shall be the duty of the Clerk to see that the signature of the officer or employee who has been duly designated by the local unit to certify that the materials have been received by or the services rendered to the local unit appears on every claim.

§ 11-3 Committee chairperson's approval.

Claims shall then be presented to the chairperson of the committee responsible for the placing of the order who, if satisfied the claims are proper, shall approve the same. After such approval is given, the chairman shall file the claim with the Township Clerk, who shall then present these claims to the Township Committee for formal approval at a regular meeting.

§ 11-4 Approval or disapproval of Township Committee.

Claims shall be considered by the Township Committee which shall approve the same, except that the Township Committee may reject any claim presented to it stating the reason for such rejection. Any disapproved claim shall be referred back to the Township Clerk for such instructions as the Township Committee may give at the time of disapproval.

§ 11-5 Claims recorded in official minutes.

It shall be the duty of the Township Clerk to record all claims in the official minutes indicating that the Township Committee has by formal action, approved the same with appropriate record as to any claims disapproved or rejected.

§ 11-6 Date of approval noted on claim.

It shall be the duty of the Township Clerk or such other officer designated by resolution of the Township Committee, to indicate on the claims that they have been approved for payment with the date of approval thereof noted on the claim.

§ 11-7 Signatures required on checks; checks recorded.

After the Clerk has certified that the claims have been approved, he shall turn the same over to the Treasurer, who shall forthwith prepare the necessary checks for the payment thereof, which then said checks shall be signed by the Mayor and the Township Clerk and thereafter countersigned by the Treasurer. After preparing checks for the payment claims, he shall record them in proper books of account and thereafter mail or otherwise distribute the checks to the claimants.

§ 11-8 Procedure for payrolls.

In the case of payrolls, the Treasurer shall prepare the necessary payroll for all employees, which payrolls shall be duly certified by the person authorized to certify that the services have been rendered and the amount specified is in fact due and owing to the employee or employees. The payroll shall then be approved by the department head responsible therefor and presented to the Township Committee for approval and, after approval, shall be paid in due course.

§ 11-9 Procedure for disbursement of supplemental security income payments and reimbursements.

[Added 9-14-1994 by Ord. No. 10-94]
Notwithstanding any provisions in this article, wherever the Municipal Treasurer receives a supplemental security income award check from the Social Security Administration, such check shall be deposited into the Public Assistance Trust Fund forthwith. The Treasurer is authorized to forthwith prepare the appropriate disbursement checks to the eligible supplemental security income recipient and for reimbursement to the municipality for any amount of interim assistance given to the eligible recipient by the Township. Said checks shall be presented to the Mayor and Township Clerk without the need for prior approval by the governing body. The disbursements shall be in amounts certified by the Municipal Welfare Director. Upon execution of the checks by the Mayor and Township Clerk, the Treasurer shall countersign same and disburse said checks as appropriate to the eligible recipient and to the Township. Disbursements shall be made within five days of receipt of the award. Said payments shall thereafter be ratified by the Township Committee at the next regular public meeting as part of its normal procedure for payment of claims. This section, however, shall not be construed to require disbursement of said funds where there is a legitimate dispute respecting eligibility of the recipient or the amount to be disbursed.