Borough of Lehighton, PA
Carbon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Lehighton as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Bicycles — See Ch. 54.
Excavations, grading and fills — See Ch. 98.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 171.
Trees — See Ch. 205.
Vehicles and traffic — See Ch. 213.
Article I Guarding of Openings and Obstructions

§ 192-1 Openings and obstructions to be guarded.

Article II Snow and Ice Removal and Disposal

§ 192-2 Removal and disposal of snow and ice required.

§ 192-3 Removal and/or disposal by Borough; collection of costs; penalties.

Article III Coasting and Sledding

§ 192-4 Prohibited areas.

§ 192-5 Restricted areas.

Article IV Commercial Use Regulations

§ 192-6 Definitions and word usage.

§ 192-7 Commercial uses of public ways restricted.

Article V Drainage of Water

§ 192-8 Definitions and word usage.

§ 192-9 Restrictions.

§ 192-10 Removal or reconstruction of unlawful drainage systems.

Article VI Building Material Obstuctions

§ 192-11 Definitions and word usage.

§ 192-12 Storage permit; removal upon noncompliance.

Article VII Curb and Sidewalk Construction and Repair

§ 192-13 Duties of property owners to construct sidewalks and curb.

§ 192-14 Duties of property owners to maintain, repair and reconstruct existing sidewalks and curb.

§ 192-15 Improvement by Borough; recovery of costs.

§ 192-16 Line and grade requirements.

§ 192-17 Compliance with specifications.

Article VIII General Penalty

§ 192-18 Violations and penalties.

Article IX Street Excavations and Openings

§ 192-19 Definitions and interpretation.

§ 192-20 Permit required to make opening or excavation.

§ 192-21 Application for permit.

§ 192-22 Permit fee.

§ 192-23 Issuance of permits restricted.

§ 192-24 Information contained on permit.

§ 192-25 Permit approval/disapproval.

§ 192-26 Responsibility to contact utilities (One Call).

§ 192-27 Refilling of opening or excavation; restoration of surface; responsibility for defects occurring within two years.

§ 192-28 Responsibility of permit holder for certain work; right of Borough to do certain work; charges.

§ 192-29 Requirements for work; correction of unsatisfactory work; completion of incomplete work.

§ 192-30 Emergency openings.

§ 192-31 Restrictions regarding trees and shrubbery.

§ 192-32 Work necessitating opening or excavation to be done prior to street improvement and not until five years thereafter; exception.

§ 192-33 Permittee responsibilities for future relocation of work.

§ 192-34 Conditions for laying and extending utility lines.

§ 192-35 Bond required.

§ 192-36 Payment for work done by the Borough.

§ 192-37 Violations and penalties.

§ 192-38 Applicability.