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Town of Amherst, NY
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged any water from a swimming pool over a public sidewalk or into a public street.
Owners of property upon which ponds, excavations, quarries and gravel pits, excavated or formed by natural causes, exist shall be responsible for the posting of "no trespassing" signs.
Yards and areas must always be properly drained and connected to a storm sewer or other approved outfall. Where stormwater or roof water connects to a drain tile under a curb or open gutter, there must be a six-inch "T" located adjacent to the curb or gutter and a minimum six-inch pipe brought to finished grade, capped with a metal perforated vent cap for overflow. The finished grade of the vent cap shall be above the curb or gutter so that the stormwater overflow from the vent cap will drain to the street or other approved outfall. The stormwater discharge pipe from the roof-water collection system to the street underdrain shall be a minimum of six inches in diameter.
The front, side and rear yards of all lots upon which a structure is to be constructed shall be drained by:
Grading of the lot with a one-percent grade, pitching from the rear lot line toward the front property line, using the curb level or the crown of the road as the base level; or
An approved surface drainage system that will direct all water to an approved outfall without spilling any on adjacent property and only after the filing of appropriate deed restrictions or easements to prevent the altering of the surface drainage system; or
A stormwater drainage system designed to drain a minimum ten-year, six-hour event storm. This system must have appropriate provisions for cleaning and maintenance; or
A stormwater drainage system approved by the Commissioner of Building.