Township of East Hanover, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
There shall be such departments, divisions and offices as may be established by Council.
The following departments are hereby established:
Administration Department: supervised by the Township Administrator, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and who shall, at the direction of and under the supervision of the Mayor, have such duties as set forth in § 5-5 et seq. of the Township Code, or as otherwise directed by the Mayor.
Finance Department: supervised by the Chief Financial Officer.
Police Department: supervised by the Chief of Police.
Public Facilities and Public Works Department: supervised by the Superintendent of Public Works, including all buildings and grounds unless specifically provided for by other Township ordinance or applicable Law.
Recreation Department: supervised by the Recreation Superintendent, subject to the Recreation Commission, which shall continue pursuant to § 10-5 et seq. of the Township Code as herein amended and supplemented.
Sewer and Water Facilities Department: supervised and operated by the Township Sewer Department, as to the sewer facilities, and the Township Water Department as to the water facilities.
Fire Department: supervised and directed by the Chief of the Fire Department.
Health Department: supervised and directed by the Township Health Officer, subject to the Direction of the Board of Health.
Land Use and Engineering Department: supervised by the Director of Land Use.
Uniform Construction Code Department: supervised and administered by the Construction Code Official.
Appointment and removal of department and division directors.
Department and division directors shall be appointed in accordance with the requirements of state law and, in the absence of state law, in accordance with this code or other ordinance. Department and division directors shall not have the power to hire or discharge subordinate employees unless that power is expressly delegated by the Mayor.
Nothing in this code shall be construed to prevent the Mayor from appointing to any position, for which the Mayor has the responsibility for making appointments, any otherwise qualified person, including himself, Council members or other municipal officers, except as specifically prohibited by the Charter, general law or this code.
Powers and duties of department and division directors. The director of each department or division, under the supervision of the Mayor and subject to the Charter and to this code, shall:
Prescribe the internal organization of the department or division and the duties of subordinate officers and employees within the department, except as provided by the Charter, this code or by ordinance.
Ensure that all power, functions and duties assigned to the department or division are carried out with diligence.
Operate the appropriate department or division in an efficient and effective manner.
Report, in writing to the Mayor, recommendations for improving departmental or division performance, requirements of the department or division and the results of assignments made to the department or division.
Report promptly to the Mayor, Council and the Chief Financial Officer projected deviations in the financial performance of the department or division.
Report at least annually to the Mayor and Council, in such form as shall be approved by the Mayor, on the work of the department or division during the preceding year.
Cooperate with the Mayor, Chief Financial Officer and Council in the preparation of the annual budget, providing supporting information for all budgetary requirements and explanations of all deviations from previous budgets.
Assign functions, powers and duties to subordinate officers and employees within the department or division and modify such assignments as need appears.
Assign priorities to the conduct of the functions, powers and duties allocated to the department or division.
Supervise the work of the department through divisions established by this code and supervise and direct the work of the employees of the department.
Delegate to other officers or employees of his department or division such of his powers as he may deem necessary for efficient administration and operation.
Prohibit the expenditure of municipal funds or the commitment of municipal funds by the department or division, except as provided by law.
Provide liaison with other departments, divisions, boards, etc., as required for the efficient and effective operation of the administrative branch.
Become familiar with general law affecting department or division and with funds available for the performance of the functions of the department for which the department head is responsible from sources in or outside the Township.
All positions, departments, boards, commissions, agencies and other offices of the Township previously authorized and currently existing, whether currently vacant or filled, shall be continued unless specifically deemed vacated or abolished by this or a subsequent act of the Council. Appointments of individuals to said positions, departments, boards, commissions, agencies and other offices of the Township shall be made by the Mayor in accordance with this code, unless otherwise set forth by general law. Until said appointments are made, said positions shall be deemed vacant in accordance with N.J.S.A. 40:69A-207, unless exempted by specific provisions of this code or other specifically applicable statute.
An officer of the Township who is required by state law to do so shall give bond at the expense of the Township, in accordance with general law.
Pension fund membership and the rights of any officer or employee shall not be adversely affected due to the adoption of this code or of any amendments or supplements thereto. In the event of the termination of employment of any officer or employee prior to his retirement, for whom funds have been set aside for a pension or for retirement benefits during the period of his employment, such funds shall be paid to such officer or employee at the time of such termination of employment.
This code shall have no effect on existing collective bargaining agreements to which the Township is a party or other existing contracts of employment or similar agreements.
Any officer or employee of the Township who has acquired tenure in his or her position through any provision of law or of ordinance shall retain said tenure in the same position without effect due to the adoption of this code.
The Council shall have an annual audit made of the Township accounts and financial transactions as required by law. Such annual audit shall be made by a registered municipal accountant of New Jersey, selected by the Mayor and Council.
The following procedures shall be followed in connection with the payment of vouchers.
All vouchers to be considered for payment must be properly submitted not less than six days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Township Council.
The Chief Financial Officer shall prepare two lists of bills for consideration by the Township Council as follows:
The first list shall be comprised of bills submitted by all professionals retained by the Township. Said bills shall not be listed unless the vouchers shall be signed by at least three Council persons.
The second list shall be comprised of all other bills not listed in the list described in Subsection B(1).
No rule or regulation made by any department, officer, agency or authority of the municipality, except such as related to the organization or internal management of the Township government or a part thereof, shall take effect until it is filed with the Township Clerk. The Council shall provide for the prompt publication of such regulations and rules.