McLean County, IL
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the County Board of McLean County 10-20-1992 (Ch. 2 of the 1986 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Ethics — See Ch. 37.
Officers and employees — See Ch. 100.
Personnel policies and procedures — See Ch. 108.
Purchasing and contracting — See Ch. 116.
There is hereby created the position which shall be known as "County Administrator," to advise, assist, and be responsible to the McLean County Board, hereinafter referred to as the "Board," for the proper and efficient administration of such affairs of the County as are assigned to the position by the Board.
No provision of this chapter is intended to vest in or grant to the County Administrator any duty or authority which is vested by general law or ordinance in any other County officer. No provision of this chapter shall be construed to delegate to the County Administrator any authority reserved to the County Board by law; nor shall the County Administrator have the power to bind, obligate, or commit the County in any manner except as provided herein or by express grant of authority by the County Board.
The County Administrator shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Board with the approval of the McLean County Board.
Experience. The County Administrator shall be a person having demonstrated administrative and executive ability as shown by at least five years of experience in private or public employment in responsible positions requiring the planning and execution of administrative operations, the budgeting and control of revenue and expenditures, the coordination and leadership of diverse departments and functions and the service to elected or appointed boards of directors or their equivalent. The County Administrator shall be a person having demonstrated training and experience to perform the powers and duties of the position.
Citizenship. He or she must be a citizen of the United States of America and, if not now, shall promptly become a resident of the County of McLean and shall so remain during his or her tenure of office.
The County Administrator shall not be removed except upon written notice served not less than 10 days and not more than 30 days prior to the termination date set forth in such notice. If the County Administrator requests a hearing in writing, termination shall not become effective until after a hearing and appropriate action by the Board at a convened meeting.
The compensation of the County Administrator shall be fixed by the Board.
The County Administrator shall be given a performance evaluation annually by the Executive Committee.
The position of the County Administrator shall be deemed vacant if the incumbent is, by death, illness or other casualty, unable to continue in office, or resigns or is removed from office. A vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as the appointment. The Board may appoint an Acting County Administrator in case of a vacancy or temporary absence or disability until a successor has been appointed and qualified or the incumbent returns to office.
The County Administrator shall be responsible for the administration of all departments and functions which are under the jurisdiction of the Board. Departments and functions which are exempt from the direct authority of the County Administrator should, nevertheless, conform to the budgetary procedures and schedule as set forth from time to time by the County Administrator, and should cooperate, insofar as possible, with other directives and procedures of the County Administrator as though such directives and procedures were established by the Board.
The County Administrator shall administer and carry out the directives and policies of the Board, be responsible for the enforcement of such ordinances, orders, regulations and resolutions as are adopted by the County Board and perform the following duties under the general direction of the Executive Committee, subject to approval by the County Board:
Budget. The County Administrator shall:
Establish the schedule and procedures to be followed by all County departments, offices and agencies in connection with the preparation, review, adoption, implementation and amendment of the annual budget.
Supervise and administer all phases of the budgetary process.
Review departmental and agency budget requests, and prepare and submit to the Board and its committees the annual budget, which includes all of the funds, departments and agencies which the Board is required to review and approve.
Review and approve all applications for grant funding in accordance with the Board's adopted Budget Policy Resolution and provide a quarterly report to the Board.
Personnel. The County Administrator shall:
Select, employ, supervise, suspend, discharge or remove all personnel, positions or employment under the jurisdiction of the Board except persons appointed by the Board as required by the laws of the state.
Recommend to the Board and maintain a plan for classifying, compensating and evaluating all positions in County service.
Be responsible for all other aspects of personnel management, including employee benefits administration, labor relations, training and development.
Contracts and agreements. The County Administrator shall:
Negotiate leases, contracts and other agreements for goods or services, subject to the approval of the Board.
Ensure that all terms and conditions of leases, contracts and other agreements are performed and shall notify the Board of any violations thereof.
Develop, install and maintain a centralized system for purchasing goods and services on behalf of County departments and functions.
Property. The County Administrator shall:
Be responsible for the care and custody of all County property.
Provide for appropriate protection of the County and its property from loss, damage, liability and other risks.
Provide liaison to the Public Building Commission on behalf of the County.
Communications and information systems. The County Administrator shall:
Maintain and supervise systems of communication and information processing, including but not limited to data processing, telephone, micrographics and reproduction, word processing and mail services.
Capital improvement plan. The County Administrator shall recommend long-term plans of capital improvement with accompanying financial plans.
Support of the Board. The County Administrator shall:
Assist the County Clerk in preparation and distribution of the agenda and supporting documentation for all meetings of the Board, in consultation with the Chairman of the Board.
Prepare and distribute the agenda, minutes and supporting documents for all meetings of committees of the Board after consulting with the chairmen of the committees.
Review, and may comment on, any documents or reports which are submitted to the Board.
Attend all meetings of the Board and may participate in the discussion of any matter before the Board.
Provide the Board, or individual members thereof, upon request, with data or information concerning the County and provide advice and recommendations on County government operations to the Board.
Report to the Board on action taken pursuant to any directive of policy within the time set by the Board.
Advise the Board on matters of policy and may make recommendations to the Board on any matter before the Board.
Organization. The County Administrator shall:
Recommend to the Board the structure of County departments and functions, including reporting relationships, physical facilities and location.
From time to time, recommend changes to the organizational structure, and may direct departments to undertake tasks for other departments on a temporary basis if the County Administrator deems it necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the County government to do so.
Organize and supervise the work of the County departments and may call meetings of employees to facilitate and coordinate the work of the County.
Require and receive reports from County Departments concerning the activities of such departments.
Procedures. The County Administrator shall recommend improved or standardized forms and procedures.
Intergovernmental relations. The County Administrator shall:
Represent the County in its relations with other governments as directed by the Board.
Comment upon or make recommendations to the Board concerning proposed or accomplished actions of other governments, including legislation and regulations of the state and federal governments.
The County Administrator shall maintain records appropriate to or required by the powers and duties of the position.
The County Administrator may examine the records, accounts and operations of County departments and agencies.
Reports. The County Administrator shall, from time to time, prepare reports on the state of the County and its government operations and work accomplished, and make any recommendations as to actions or programs the County Administrator deems necessary for the efficient operation of the County, the betterment of public service, and the future needs of McLean County.
Accounts, records, operations. The County Administrator shall examine regularly at periods fixed by the County Board the accounts, records, and operations of every commission, department, office, and agency under control of the County Board and report these findings to the County Board.
Other. The County Administrator shall perform such other duties as may be required by the Board.