City of Hudson, NY
Columbia County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 1-18-2000 by L.L. No. 1-2000; 2-18-2014 by L.L. No. 1-2014]
There shall be in the City of Hudson a board known as the "City of Hudson Planning Board.
There shall be appointed by the Mayor seven members, who together shall be the City of Hudson Planning Board, and, as nearly as possible, 1/3 of them shall be appointed for the term of one year, 1/3 for a term of two years and 1/3 for a term of three years; and at the expiration of such terms, the terms of office of their successors shall be three years, so that the term of office of 1/3 of such Board, as nearly as possible, shall expire each year. All appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the unexpired term. Not more than 1/3 of the members of said Board shall hold any other public office in the City of Hudson, and no person who is a member of the Common Council shall be eligible for membership on said Board. The Mayor shall have the power to remove, after public hearing, any member of the Board for cause. Any Board member may be removed for noncompliance with minimum requirements relating to meeting attendance and training as established by any applicable local or state law.
The appointment of the members shall be evidenced by a certificate, in writing, signed by the Mayor and filed forthwith in the office of the City Clerk.
The Mayor shall annually appoint a Chairperson from the members of the Board. It shall have the power and authority to employ experts, clerks and a Secretary, excepting employment of experts whose position and appointment are prescribed by the Mayor in this Charter, and to pay for such services and such other expenses as may be necessary and proper, not exceeding in all the appropriation that may be made by the Common Council for said Board.
The members of the Board shall serve without compensation for their services as such members.
Each member of the Planning Board shall complete four hours of training each year designed to enable such members to more effectively carry out their duties. Training received by a member in excess of four hours in any one year may be carried over by the member into succeeding years in order to meet the requirements of this section. Such training shall be approved by the Common Council. To be eligible for reappointment to the Planning Board, a member shall have completed such training. No decision of the Board shall be voided or declared invalid because of a failure by any member to comply with this section.
The following matters, or any one of them, shall be referred to the Board for report thereon by the Common Council, the Mayor or other boards or public officers or departments of the City of Hudson, which is the final authority thereon before final action thereon by such authority: the adoption of any map or plan of the City, or part thereof, including drainage and sewer or water system plans or maps, and plans and maps for any public waterfront or marginal street, or public structure upon, in or in connection with such front or street, or for any dredging, filling or fixing of lines with relation to, said front; any change of any such maps or plans; the location of any public structure upon, in or in connection with, or fixing lines with relation to, said front; the location of any public building, bridge, statue or monument, highway, park, parkway, square, playground or recreation ground or public open place of the City.
The Council may, by local law, provide to the Planning Board authority to approve, modify and approve, or disapprove plats showing lots, blocks or sites, with or without streets or highways in accordance with § 32 of the General City Law and, where applicable, § 239-n of the General Municipal Law; to approve, modify and approve, or disapprove site plans and special use permits in accordance with § 27(a) and (b) of the General City Law and, where applicable, § 239-m of the General Municipal Law; or report to the Council or other board on any matter or class of matters related to City zoning or land use planning for the purpose of providing for the future growth and development of the City and affording adequate facilities for the housing, transportation, distribution, comfort, convenience, safety, health and welfare of the citizens of Hudson. The Board shall have the full power and authority to make investigations, maps, reports, and recommendations in connection therewith relating to the planning and development of the City as it deems desirable, providing the total expenditures of said Board shall not exceed the appropriation provided therefor.
The Common Council may, at any time, request the Board to report to the Council at a given time on any matter or class of matters related to City zoning or land use planning, but no action of the Council shall deprive the Board of its rights or relieve it of its duty to report at such time as it deems proper upon any matter at any time referred to it.
Such Planning Board may cause to be made a map or maps of the City, or any portion thereof, or of any land outside the limits of the City so near or so related thereto that in the opinion of the Board it should be so mapped. Such plans may show not only such matters as by law have been or may be referred to the Planning Board, but also any and all matters and things with relation to the plan of the City which to said Planning Board deem necessary and proper, including recommendations and changes suggested by it, and any report at any time made may include any of the above. The Board may obtain expert assistance in the making of any such maps or reports or in the investigations necessary and proper with relation thereto.
No plan, plot or description showing the layout of any highway or street upon private property, or of building lots in connection with or in relation to such highway or street, shall, within the limits of the City of Hudson, be received for record in the office of the Clerk of the County of Columbia until a copy of said plan, plot or description has been filed with the Board and it has certified, with relation thereto, its approval thereof. Such certificate shall be recorded as a part of the record of said original instrument containing said plan, plot or description. No such street or highway which has not received the approval of the Board shall be accepted by the City until the matter has been referred to the Board under the provisions of this article. But if any such street is plotted or laid out in accordance with the map of the City adopted according to law, then it shall not be necessary to file such copy or to obtain or record such certificate.
The Planning Board may recommend to the Common Council regulations relating to any subject matter over which the Board has jurisdiction under this article to govern its actions in carrying out the provisions of this article and Article 3 of the General City Law. Adoption of any such recommendations by the Council shall be by local law.
The Chairman of the Board shall have the duty to meet with the Mayor of the City of Hudson for the purpose of reporting to him the condition of the Board and the conduct of his or her office on the second Tuesday of each month; provided, however, that in the event the second Tuesday of the month should fall upon a public holiday, he or she shall meet with the Mayor on the first day thereafter.
Every motion or resolution of the Planning Board shall require for its adoption the affirmative vote of a majority of all the members of the Board. Where an action is the subject of a referral to the county planning agency, the voting provisions of §§ 239-m and n of the General Municipal Law shall apply as applicable.
This article is enacted and the Hudson City Planning Board is created pursuant to the powers given by Article 3 of the General City Law.