Village of Green Island, NY
Albany County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted as Secs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 15 and 16 of bylaws adopted 10-14-1853; amended in its entirety at time of adoption of Code
Editor's Note: See Ch. 1. General Provisions. Art. I.

§ 140-1
Designation of road district. 

§ 140-2
Duties of commissioners. 

§ 140-3
Maintenance by owners or occupants. 

§ 140-4

§ 140-5
Tying up horses. 

§ 140-6
Tampering with lampposts and other equipment. 

§ 140-7
Snow and ice removal. 

§ 140-8
Penalties for offenses. 

§ 140-1 Designation of road district.

The Village of Green Island is hereby constituted as one road district.

§ 140-2 Duties of commissioners.

It shall be the duty of the commissioners of the Village of Green Island to take charge and have the oversight of all the streets and highways in said village and to expend all moneys that shall be appropriated by the Trustees for their improvements, agreeable to the instruction of said Trustees.

§ 140-3 Maintenance by owners or occupants.


The owners or occupants of all tenements and premises in said village are hereby required to keep the sidewalks and streets to the center of the highway opposite their respective occupancies free and clear of all encumbrances of any description. On Friday morning of each week, when not prevented by stormy weather, they shall sweep the sidewalks and gather up the dirt and filth to the center of the streets into heaps outside the gutters. It shall be the duty of the commissioners to see that this regulation is strictly observed and to clear the streets generally, for which purpose they may reserve and appropriate sufficient amounts of the highway tax.


Whoever shall deposit or cause to be deposited any dirt or filth or other substance upon any of the streets, sidewalks, highways or alleys of said village shall be liable to the penalty set forth in § 140-8 of this Article, for every day he shall suffer the same to remain thereon as aforesaid, unless the same shall be done for improvement of said streets under the direction of the officer having the superintendence of said streets or highways.

§ 140-4 Encumberances.


The commissioners of streets are hereby directed to give notice to the owners or occupants of all the lots or premises in said village requiring them to keep the streets and sidewalks free and clear of all boxes, barrels and fruit-stand tables for the exhibition or sale of any article and of all other encumbrances.


No hay scales or other apparatus for weighing hay or other heavy articles shall be built or erected on any of the sidewalks in said village without permission, in writing, from a majority of the Trustees. Every person who shall build or erect any such hay scales or be in any manner interested or concerned in erecting such hay scales or other apparatus for weighing hay or other heavy articles shall be subject to the penalties set forth in § 140-8 of this Article for every day such hay scale shall be continued without permission as aforesaid.


All persons are prohibited from erecting any signposts or obstructions or encroachments upon any of the streets or the sidewalks of said streets in said village without the permission, in writing, of a majority of the Trustees.

§ 140-5 Tying up horses.

All persons are prohibited from tying any horse or other animal to any tree, fence, lamppost or ornamental post along the sidewalks or around the grass plots in said village or the chains connected with such ornamental posts or in any other manner from molesting or interfering with the same.

§ 140-6 Tampering with lampposts and other equipment.

Every person who shall mischievously or maliciously interfere with any lamppost, lamp, ornamental post or the chains connected therewith or shall injure or remove the same shall be subject to the penalties set forth in § 140-8 of this Article.

§ 140-7 Snow and ice removal.


All inhabitants of said village are required to keep the highways and sidewalks before their respective dwellings and to the extent of their respective occupancies free from all encumbrances of every description and to sweep the same as often as may be deemed necessary to preserve cleanliness and to secure at all seasons of the year a comfortable and commodious passage. It is expressly enjoined upon all inhabitants and occupants of dwellings that they are to remove all snow from off their respective sidewalks within six hours after it has ceased snowing.


All persons are strictly prohibited from shoveling any snow from the roof of any building to the sidewalks of the village without removing the same immediately.

§ 140-8 Penalties for offenses.

Any person who violates any provision of this Article shall, upon conviction thereof, be subject to a fine not to exceed $250 or to imprisonment for a term not to exceed 15 days, or both.