City of Harrisburg, PA
Dauphin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Harrisburg by Ord. No. 138-1959. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Horns; noise restrictions: see § 3-343.2.
Local enforcement powers: see Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S.A § 6109(a).
One-way roadways: see Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3308.
Speed restrictions: see Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3361 et seq.
Stop signs and yield signs: see Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3323.
Turning, starting and signals: see Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3331 et seq.
No operator of a vehicle shall enter an intersection or a marked crosswalk unless there is sufficient space on the other side of the intersection or crosswalk to accommodate the vehicle being operated without obstructing the passage of other vehicles or pedestrians, notwithstanding any traffic control signal to proceed.
No operator of a vehicle shall drive between the vehicles comprising a funeral procession when such vehicles are conspicuously designated or between vehicles of any military convoy or other authorized procession while it is in motion.
The operator of a vehicle shall not drive within any sidewalk area except at a permanent or temporary driveway, nor shall any person park a vehicle at any place between the curbline and property line of any street.
The operator of a vehicle shall not drive or park a vehicle upon or along the sidewalk appurtenant to the protective wall of the Susquehanna River.
Every person using or walking a bicycle, pushcart or animal upon a street shall keep the same as close as possible to the extreme right side of such street.
No person shall at any time sound the horn or other warning device of a vehicle except when absolutely necessary as a warning signal while actually driving such vehicle. Whenever authorized signs are erected indicating a zone of quiet, no operator of a vehicle within any such zone shall sound the horn or other warning device of such vehicle except in an emergency.
Upon the streets and parts of streets designated for one-way traffic on the traffic control maps or by temporary regulation, vehicular traffic shall move only in the direction indicated by traffic control devices, unless specifically directed otherwise by a police officer in conformity with § 3-113.1B.
A sign indicating direction of traffic shall be erected and maintained at every intersection where movement in the opposite direction is prohibited according to the traffic control maps or by temporary regulation.
[Ord. No. 92-1968]
No operator of a vehicle shall attach the same by chain or other means to any parking meter or official sign belonging to the City.
[Ord. No. 36-1969]
The owner or person in charge of any motor vehicle shall not permit such vehicle to stand unattended on any street, private driveway, public or private parking lot, used or new car sales lot, or any other unattended open space without having locked the ignition of said motor vehicle and removed the ignition key from its lock.
Any police officer of the City who encounters an unattended motor vehicle with the key in the ignition lock may immediately lock said vehicle's ignition, remove the key from the lock, and promptly deliver the key to the officer in charge at the Bureau of Police, McCormick Public Safety Building, 123 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The police officer shall leave notice of the violation in a conspicuous place on such vehicle, which notice shall also state where the ignition key has been placed for safekeeping pending return of the same to the owner or person in charge of the vehicle.
The ignition key shall be returned to the owner or person in charge of the motor vehicle upon presentation of proof of ownership of the motor vehicle from which the key was removed.
[Ord. No. 27-1979]
No person shall exceed the maximum speed limits as set forth on signs posted along the street and on the traffic control maps.
[Ord. No. 21-1985]
No motor vehicle with a weight in excess of 10,000 pounds or a length in excess of 40 feet shall use 13th Street between State Street and Paxton Street in the City, except for local deliveries.
No motor vehicle in excess of two tons (4,000 pounds) gross weight shall use that portion of Forster Street in the 1800 and 1900 blocks, i.e., between 18th and 20th Streets, or those portions of North 18th and 19th Streets containing the 800 and 900 blocks, i.e., between Briggs and Boas Streets, except for local deliveries and trash collection.
[Ord. No. 18-1988]
[Added 12-11-2007 by Ord. No. 33-2007]
On or after January 1, 2007, any person desiring to operate a vehicle which is oversized or overweight, as defined by regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and in Subsection B hereof, on the streets and highways within the City shall file with the Police Bureau an application for a hauling permit and shall pay the fee for such permit as required by this section at least 24 hours in advance of such intended hauling. This section does not apply to state-designated routes that lie within the City. Movement of oversize or overweight vehicles on state routes within the City shall be regulated by a permit issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
The definition of "oversized vehicle" for the purposes of this section is as follows:
Any vehicle in excess of 80,000 pounds gross weight.
Any vehicle in excess of 13 feet six inches in height.
Any vehicle in excess of eight feet six inches in width.
Any vehicle in excess of 75 feet in length.
Any vehicle whose dimensions include a combination of Subsection B(1), (2), (3) or (4) hereof.
Permit required for movement in the City.
To move a vehicle whose dimensions exceed the limitations set in Subsection B hereof, application must be made to the City for an oversize vehicle permit.
Applicant shall provide to the City proof of liability insurance with a coverage limitation of not less than $1,000,000.
Applicant shall pay to the City a permit fee of $25, plus $0.60 for each 1,000 pounds (or fraction thereof) over and above 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.
Upon receipt of the permit fee and proof of insurance, the City will provide the applicant with an oversize vehicle permit to operate upon the streets of the City. The oversize vehicle permit will list the name of the applicant, identify the truck and/or trailer by registration plate number, and list the overall dimensions and weight of the vehicle. The permit will also list the route, including origin and destination, through the City. The permit will also list any special provisions regarding hours of operation or required escorts. The permit will be valid for five calendar days after date of issuance.
Blanket permits may be issued to an applicant regardless of domicile. Blanket permits are not valid for any oversized movement in excess of 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. The holder of a blanket permit shall not, however, be required to pay the fee of $25 for an oversize vehicle permit but only the fee of $0.60 per 1,000 pounds for weight in excess of 80,000 pounds. Blanket permits shall be issued for each power unit (truck or tractor). Each power unit requires a separate blanket permit. The fee for an annual blanket oversize vehicle permit shall be $100. Blanket permits shall be good for the calendar year in which issued and will expire on December 31 of said year.
The Police Bureau may require, at its discretion, that a physical route survey be performed prior to the issuance of a permit to ensure that a proposed routing can be negotiated safely.
Damage to highway. The permittee shall repair at his own expense and to the satisfaction of the City any damage to highways or structures which occurs in connection with operations under the permit.
Hours of operation.
Oversized vehicle movements may be conducted within the City between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on Saturday, with the following exceptions: no movement on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Pursuant to Section 179.10, paragraph 7(iii) of Title 67, Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, oversized movements will be allowed within the City between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., provided that the movement is accompanied by front and rear escort vehicles and that additional lighting is in place on all sides and visible from a distance of 1,000 feet.
Definition of escort vehicles.
An escort vehicle shall be a car or light truck not exceeding 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.
An escort vehicle shall be equipped with a minimum of two flashing or revolving amber lights on the roof and will bear signs stating "Oversize Load" visible from the front and rear. Signs shall be five feet wide and one foot high, with black letters on a yellow background.
An escort vehicle shall have two-way radio communications with the oversized vehicle.
Escort vehicles and personnel shall have authority to direct traffic and be responsible to ensure that traffic disruption is minimal. Escort personnel shall wear an orange reflective vest and hard hat when engaged in directing traffic.
Escort vehicles are required to carry proof of liability insurance with a minimum coverage limit of $1,000,000, naming the City as an additional insured, said proof of insurance to be kept on file with the City.
Escort vehicles shall be required in addition to Subsection E(2) hereof as follows:
One escort vehicle:
For an oversize vehicle over 10 feet in total width.
For an oversize vehicle in excess of 75 feet in length.
Two escort vehicles: for an oversize vehicle that is over 11 feet in total width and in excess of 75 feet in length.
An escort vehicle with a height pole: for an oversize vehicle in excess of 14 feet in total height. A pole car can function as the front car in the event two escort vehicles are required.
When one escort vehicle is required it shall precede the oversize vehicle on all roadways with one lane of traffic in each direction and follow the oversize vehicle on all roadways with more than one lane of traffic in each direction.
When two escort vehicles are required, one escort vehicle shall precede the oversized vehicle and one escort vehicle shall follow the oversized vehicle.
When an escort vehicle with a height pole is required, it will precede the oversized vehicle at all times.
An escort vehicle may be required for any restricted bridge crossing within the City.
Penalties for violation.
Any oversized vehicle found to be operating within the City without an oversize vehicle permit from the City shall be subject to a fine of $300 for violation of this section and additionally shall be held subject to the regulations and penalties set forth in Chapter 49 of Title 75, Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.
Any oversized vehicle in possession of an oversized vehicle permit and found to be operating in violation of this section or the provisions of the oversize vehicle permit shall have said permit confiscated by any duly authorized law enforcement officer and shall be subject to a fine of $300 for violation of this section and additionally shall be held subject to the regulations and penalties set forth in Chapter 49 of Title 75, Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.
Except as otherwise provided herein, any person who violates the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to the general code penalty, § 1-301.99 of these Codified Ordinances.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1-303).