City of Harrisburg, PA
Dauphin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Harrisburg by Ord. No. 51-1982. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Permit for excavations: see Ch. 9-103.
Unlawful attachments to poles: see 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 6905.
Any firm, corporation or individual desiring to erect any telegraph, telephone, electric light or power pole or wire in, upon or over any of the streets of the City shall submit to the Public Works Director or named designee a written application specifying the size and number of poles intended to be erected and amount of wire to be strung or laid, designating the places where the poles are to be installed and the wire to be strung.
If no objections are made thereto, the Public Works Director shall issue a license to the applicant for the installation of the specified poles or wire at the designated place. In case of objections being made to any part of such application, the Public Works Director shall hear the same and grant the license, either in accordance with the application or with such conditions and modifications as may be imposed. No pole shall be newly erected without first obtaining a license from the Director and paying to the City Treasurer a license fee of $5 for each pole and $5 for each mile of wire.
The Public Works Director shall cause a thorough inspection to be made at least once every year of all poles and wires erected within the City. If any pole or wire is found defective from any cause, such Director shall notify the owner of the defect, and the owner shall forthwith replace the same with a sound pole or sound wire, as the case may be. If the owner refuses or neglects to do so within 48 hours after receiving notification as provided herein, the owner shall be fined $25 for each day during which such neglect or refusal continues.
All telegraph, telephone, electric light and power poles now erected or hereafter to be erected in the City shall be designated by the name or initials of the owners thereof, and each pole shall bear distinctive identification. Every owner shall annually, on or before April 15 of each year, file a report with the Business Administrator specifying the poles to be maintained for the ensuing year by their designation as provided in this section and specifying the number of miles of wire to be maintained. Every owner shall pay an annual license fee of $5 for each pole and for each mile of wire, which shall authorize the maintenance of the pole or wire designated for one year.
[Ord. No. 17-1983[1]]
It shall be the duty of the Business Administrator or the Tax Enforcement Administrator or duly appointed designee to ensure the proper enforcement of the provisions of this chapter, and said officer shall have the power, in the name of the City, to institute proceedings against any or all persons for the collection of any taxes or license fees or for violation of any of the provisions of this chapter. If such suits are by process of summary conviction, in addition to the requirements for normal service and notice and in accordance with the police powers authorized by Rules 51 and 52 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Business Administrator, Tax Enforcement Administrator, or any duly appointed designee acting within the scope of employment may issue an immediate citation for violations of those sections for which summary criminal proceedings are authorized.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1-303).
Any person who violates the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to the general code penalty, § 1-301.99 of these Codified Ordinances.