Village of Suffern, NY
Rockland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Suffern 2-8-1971 as Ch. 28 of the 1971 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Alcoholic beverages — See Ch. 73.
Garbage, rubbish and refuse — See Ch. 150.
Littering — See Ch. 168.
Noise — See Ch. 175.
Peace and good order — See Ch. 197.

§ 193-1 Title.

This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "Village of Suffern Ordinance Regulating Conduct in Public Parks."

§ 193-2 Definitions and word usage.

[Amended 3-12-1990 by L.L. No. 3-1990]
When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future, words in the plural number include the singular number, and words in the singular number include the plural number. The word "shall" is always mandatory and not merely directory.
For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivations shall have the meanings given herein:
A park, reservation, ball or sports field, playground, swimming pool, recreation area, lake or any other area in the Village devoted to active or passive recreation and open to one or more segments of the public.
[Amended 8-11-2008 by L.L. No. 11-2008]
Any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind.
The Village of Suffern.

§ 193-3 Prohibitions.

No person in a park shall:
Willfully mark, deface, disfigure, injure, tamper with, displace or remove any buildings, tables, benches, fireplaces, railings, paving or paving material, waterlines or other public utilities or parts or appurtenances thereof, signs, notices or placards, whether temporary or permanent, monuments, stakes, posts or other boundary markers or other structures, equipment, facilities or park property or appurtenances whatsoever, either real or personal.
Litter or deface any rest room or washroom or misuse any furniture or equipment installed therein.
Displace or remove any beach sand, whether submerged or not, or any soil, rocks, stones, trees, shrubs or plants or make any excavation by pool, equipment blasting or other means or agency.
Climb any tree or walk, stand or sit upon monuments, vases, fountains, railings, fences or upon any other property not designated or customarily used for such purposes.
Throw, discharge or otherwise place or cause to be placed in the waters of any fountain, pond, lake, stream, swimming pool or other body of water in or adjacent to any park or any tributary, stream, storm sewer or drain flowing into such water any substance, matter or thing, liquid or solid, which will or may result in the pollution of said waters.
Dump, discard, deposit or leave any bottles, broken glass, ashes, paper, boxes, cans, dirt, rubbish, waste, garbage or other refuse or trash. No such refuse or trash shall be placed in any waters in or contiguous to any park or left anywhere on the grounds thereof, but it shall be placed in the proper receptacles where these are provided. Where receptacles are not so provided, all such rubbish or waste shall be carried away from the park by the person responsible for its presence and properly disposed of elsewhere.
Swim, bathe or wade in any waters, waterways or pools in or adjacent to any park except in such waters and in such places as are provided therefor and in compliance with such regulations as are herein set forth or may be hereafter adopted, nor shall any person frequent any waters or places customarily designated for the purpose of swimming or bathing or congregate thereat when such activities are prohibited upon a finding that such use of the water would be dangerous or otherwise inadvisable.
[Amended 3-12-1990 by L.L. No. 3-1990]
Frequent any waters or places designated for the purpose of swimming or bathing or congregate thereat except during such hours of the day as shall be designated for such purposes for each individual area.
[Amended 3-12-1990 by L.L. No. 3-1990]
Picnic or lunch in a place other than one designated for that purpose.
In Hallett Park, play basketball, softball or any other sport or activity requiring the use of a ball and bat.
[Added 5-28-1986 by L.L. No. 4-1986]

§ 193-4 Alcoholic beverages.

[Amended 3-12-1990 by L.L. No. 3-1990]
Except as hereinafter provided, no person, while in a park, shall have in his possession alcoholic beverages of any type or shall drink alcoholic beverages of any type, and no person in a park shall be under the influence of alcoholic beverages of any type. The Board of Trustees may, in its discretion, allow organized groups to use alcoholic beverages on stated occasions and for specified periods of time.

§ 193-5 Conduct of persons.

No person in a park shall sleep or loiter on the seats or benches or other areas or engage in loud, boisterous, threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language or engage in any disorderly conduct or behavior tending to a breach of the public peace.

§ 193-6 Closing of parks.

Any section or part of any park may be declared closed to the public at any time and for any interval of time, either temporarily or at regular intervals, daily or otherwise, and no one shall enter such park at any time that it is so closed.
[Amended 3-12-1990 by L.L. No. 3-1990]
No person shall be allowed on the premises of any park between dusk and dawn, unless permission has specifically been granted in writing by the Recreation Director.
[Added 6-12-1972; amended 10-24-1977 by L.L. No. 12-1977; 9-9-1985 by L.L. No. 7-1985; 8-11-2008 by L.L. No. 11-2008; 1-3-2012 by L.L. No. 2-2012]

§ 193-7 Enforcement.

[Amended 3-12-1990 by L.L. No. 3-1990]
The Police Department shall enforce the provisions of this chapter and shall have the authority to eject from the park any person acting in violation thereof.

§ 193-8 Penalties for offenses.

[Amended 3-12-1990 by L.L. No. 3-1990]
Any person or persons violating any provision of this chapter shall be subject to a penalty as provided in § 1-12 of Chapter 1, General Provisions, for each violation.