City of West Haven, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of West Haven 5-24-1982 by Ord. No. 181. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Sale and storage of flammable liquids — See Ch. 162, Art. II.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
A service station where all the pumps are self-service.
The person responsible for the service station operation or his duly authorized representative. A duly authorized representative shall be a person 16 years of age or older.
A motor fuel dispensing installation where part of the facility is used as self-service and part is used for attendant-service.
The dispensing of motor fuel by means of self-service automated dispensing systems shall be permitted, provided that:
The applicant for such a system has submitted complete plans and specifications of the proposed installation to the Municipal Fire Marshal and has obtained approval of said plans and, further, provided that there is compliance with Article VII, Section 29-62[1] (effective October 1, 1978), of Regulations Covering the Storage, Use and Transportation of Flammable Liquids, Commissioner of State Police, State of Connecticut.
Editor's Note: See new Connecticut General Statutes, § 23-320. Former Connecticut General Statutes, § 29-62, was redesignated as § 29-320 in 1963.
The motor fuel is dispensed only by a competent licensed motor vehicle operator or by the service station operator.
Approved signs bearing the wording "No Smoking" and "Shut Off Engine" are conspicuously posted at both ends of the pump dispensing island and are visible to approaching vehicles. All approved signs required by this chapter shall consist of block letters not less than six inches in height and a three-fourths-inch stroke and shall be either red letters on a white background or white letters on a red background.
The controlling mechanism console providing power to the pump motor is in constant attendance by the owner, operator or duly authorized employee at all times while motor fuel is being dispensed and is properly protected against physical damage from motor vehicles. "Constant attendance" shall mean that the console operator must be at the controls during its operation.
There is constant contact between the controlling mechanism console operator and the pump island by means of an intercommunication system, which shall be maintained in proper operating condition at all times while motor fuel is being dispensed.
A means is provided for the controlling mechanism console operator to observe the filling operation at each vehicle and that the dispensing of motor fuel shall be continuously observed by the console operator during the time that any of the pumps have been activated to dispense motor fuel.
The controlling mechanism console includes a disconnect switch which will instantly cut off all pumping power to all motor fuel pumps at the service station.
The controlling mechanism console, switches and related equipment are of a design and type approved by the Fire Marshal.
Any person, firm or corporation constructing a self-service facility or making changes or alterations in the method of dispensing motor fuel shall first notify the Fire Marshal, in writing, prior to submitting plans.
Self-service automated motor fuel dispensing systems for which plans have been submitted subsequent to April 29, 1975, shall be equipped with a fire-extinguishing system of a type approved by the Fire Marshal, details of which shall be included with plans submitted to the Marshal for approval.
Split-island facilities may be allowed, provided that:
There shall be installed on the full-service islands an additional switch which will activate the overhead fire-suspension system on and deactivate power to the self-service island.
The station operator shall be within 25 feet of one of the switches as defined in Subsection A whenever the self-service dispensing mechanism is in operation; the service station operator shall be within visual range of the filling operation.
The self-serve island shall be that island(s) that is (are) closest to the facility housing the full-service attendant, most commonly referred to as the "inside island."