Township of Cranberry, PA
Butler County
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[Ord. 2002-325, 1/13/2002, § 3.01]
Township will furnish water and/or sewage service only in accordance with the rules and regulations as amended and supplemented. No application for service, contract, agreement or license shall be inconsistent or conflict with the rules and regulations.
[Ord. 2002-325, 1/13/2002, § 3.02]
The Township may from time to time, as it may deem necessary, alter, amend, supplement or repeal the rates and the rules and regulations, in whole or in part.
[Ord. 2002-325, 1/13/2002, § 3.03]
The furnishing of sewage service may be refused if sewage flows are found or estimated to be excessive, or if the character of the sanitary wastes to be discharged are determined to be unsatisfactory.
[Ord. 2002-325, 1/13/2002, § 3.04; as amended by Ord. 2011-416, 8/4/2011, § 2]
Maintenance and repair of the sewer service lines or building sewers from the structure to the point where the line enters the main sanitary sewer, including the cost thereof, will be the responsibility of the user, customer or property owner. No repair work shall be done on any sewer service line or building sewer without prior approval from the Township. All work shall be subject to inspection by Township personnel during the performance thereof. The Township shall have the right to do all work with respect to connections to the main sewers and charge the user, customer or property owner for the cost of such work, said work to be done in accordance with the requirements hereinafter set forth. Three days notice shall be given to the Township prior to the commencement of any work on the sewer service line or building sewer for which approval has been obtained from the Township. The same general requirements shall apply to water service lines except that the Township shall be responsible for maintenance of water service line connections.
[Ord. 2002-325, 1/13/2002, § 3.05]
Each multifamily building, nonresidential building and/or individual single-family premises shall be served through a separate building sewer or sewer service line, and/or separate water service line, except where physical conditions prevent the installation of separate service facilities as determined by the Township. The property that is being served cannot be legally subdivided; if the property cannot be subdivided, one sanitary sewer and/or water line may serve the premises.
[Amended by Ord. 2011-416, 8/4/2011, § 3]
The term "physical conditions" shall apply only to such situations as relate to the plumbing layout in the premises. All water and building sewer service lines, as defined herein, shall be installed in accordance with all Township requirements relative thereto, and shall be connected only to main lines abutting the front of the property and owned by the Township, except as otherwise provided, such water and building sewer service lines to extend from the street to a straight line at right angles to the street, to the premises where possible. All proposed sewer and water installations must be approved by the Township prior to installation.
The charges for sewage service in all cases where more than one premises is served through one premises or building sewer line shall be determined as set forth in detail in these rules and regulations and the schedule of rates.