Township of Cranberry, PA
Butler County
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[Ord. 97-277, 3/6/1997, § 1]
The purpose of this section is to designate the Tax Collector of the Township of Cranberry as the Township official authorized to provide tax certifications to the public, to devise a method of application for such tax certifications, to impose, collect, and retain a fee for the service of providing tax certifications, and to maintain a log of certifications and the fee paid.
[Ord. 97-277, 3/6/1997, § 2]
The Board of Supervisors of the Township of Cranberry find that:
The Second Class Township Code vests in the Board of Supervisors broad power to "adopt any ordinance. . . not inconsistent with or restrained by the Constitution and the laws of this commonwealth necessary for the proper management, care and control of the Township and its finances and the maintenance of peace, good government, health and welfare of the Township and its citizens, trade, commerce and manufacturers." 53 P.S. § 66506.
The service of providing tax certifications for members of the public who request information regarding the status of taxes paid or owed on property located within the boundaries of the Township is necessary for the proper management of the Township and is an important part of maintaining good government.
The Tax Collector is the only Township official with access to the information and the knowledge and expertise of the subject area necessary to provide a tax certifications.
Preparing a tax certification requires research, which may be extensive, in order to provide a thorough and accurate account of the tax status.
Preparing a tax certification involves certain administrative responsibilities, including processing requests for tax certifications and preparing the certifications.
The fee set forth herein is reasonably related to the services that the Tax Collector or his/her designee will provide in connection with preparing tax certifications.
[Ord. 97-277, 3/6/1997, § 3]
The Township of Cranberry Board of Supervisors hereby authorizes the Tax Collector of the Township of Cranberry to provide tax certifications upon request by the public.
[Ord. 97-277, 3/6/1997, § 4; as amended by Ord. 2005-362, 12/15/2005]
The Tax Collector of Cranberry Township may assess, collect and retain from the party requesting the tax certification a fee in an amount set from time to time by resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Cranberry Township. The Tax Collector shall keep a log of requests for tax certifications and the amounts paid therefor, which shall be made available to the Township upon request.